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Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by snowsmoker, May 16, 2008.

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    So Im still new but I took the advice and enrolled in the 5 day course. I have been reading alot about mods people have done to there smokers and I KNOW I need to make some to mine. I have a problem with the coals sitting in the ash. The super hot spot next to the offset box, there is a big open hole between the offset box and the grill rack. Then the loss of heat/smoke threw the doors and other small holes. Then the problem of the awsome thermometer that reads 100 degs when its only 40 degs outside. I bought an oven thermometer for inside the smoker but its so full of smoke its hard to read. I also have a meat thermometer... for the meat. Well this is what Im working with and its all stock, I got it for free, its in good shape, so I dont mind sticking some money into it if I can make it a good smoker. HELP... [​IMG]
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    head on over to the charcoal smoker forum, and there are a ton of mod threads there. Will keep ya in good reading for an hr or two![​IMG]
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    You can fill the small holes with bolts and nuts and washers if needed.....As for the thermo just forget about it and invest in a couple good digital thermo's to use.........Digital thermo's are great and the remote ones are handy too...........You can also remove the sfb and install fiberglass gasket rope between sfb abd main chamber..........Hope that helps..................

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