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Jul 30, 2022
I hadn't really posted in a good minute but happy with how the last two things I smoked turned out although could still work on some things. I smoked a brisket last Saturday for my wife's birthday and had a few mishaps during it. I tried a method used by Mas Scientist BBQ on YouTube to just set it on my smoke setting for like 2-3 hours and then start actually cooking it but my smoker kept cutting off with a message guessing it was getting too cool and cutting off so once I got past that I bought a rack to raise it a bit off the heat and tried the foil boat method when it hit the stall but still had it a bit overcooked after a 12 hour cook just thinking I'm going to cook it to maybe right at 200 next time. And then today did a spatchcocked whole chicken on my smoker really happy with this only took 2 hours to cook at 300 and so tender and juicy really the only thing I would try to improve is to get a he skin a bit crispier. I've just really came to the conclusion I need a bigger smoker that has a built in second rack.


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