lollipop chicken legs! w/ Q-view!!

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  1. smokinfor7

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    Fired up the smoker for the first time this season. I did lollipop chicken legs. Kids loved 'em. They went in the smoker in a tray with melted butter for two hours at about 280° over hickory smoke. Took ' em out and brushed sauce on and back in for 15 minutes to glaze. I also got a copy cat KFC cole slaw recipe. Love the slaw. Washed down with a tall glass of lemon iced tea. Felt good to get the smoker going again. Oh, and I also put a couple briquettes of charcoal in wood chip tray.

  2. That looks great man!  [​IMG]   I've never done lollipop chicken legs but they look awesome  [​IMG]   Glad you are using your smoker again & nice smoke  [​IMG]
  3. smokinfor7

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    The most time consuming part was trimming the legs. I used a clean pair of needle nosed pliers to pull the tendons out. Well worth it though. Got a few "best chicken I've ever had" compliments.
  4. big fish

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    Those look really good. I hope you kept the trimmings for a chicken stock?  ;-)

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