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Little guy VS. Godzilla literally

Discussion in 'SMF News' started by bobl, Aug 9, 2010.

  1. bobl

    bobl Newbie

    Not sure if this is in the right forum for this or not.

    I wanted to post the following link as my support for GrillZilla in Damariscortta, Me.  I am in no way associated with this roadside 'Q joint nor have I ever eaten ther.

    It seems as though the owners to the rights of Godzilla don't take kindly to a small roadside joint using a name similar to Godzilla.

    This article is from the Portland Press herald, Portland, Me.  the link to the restaurant is in the article.

  2. lucky13

    lucky13 Smoke Blower

    Nice.  I would rather see some good BBQ any day over some stupid, poorly made freaking lizard!
  3. placebo

    placebo Smoking Fanatic OTBS Member SMF Premier Member

    Gotta love the lawyers..... I'd be tempted to go with something like, "GodLizard Grill" [​IMG]
  4. cliffcarter

    cliffcarter Master of the Pit Group Lead OTBS Member

    I read that article yesterday in the Sunday Telegram, you'd think Toho, LTD would love the free advertising. Sounds like the owners are going to ignore it for now, as well they should.
  5. squirrel

    squirrel Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    Maybe I'll change my name to Squirrelzilla. Oh no, there goes Tokyo, go go Squirrelzilla!
  6. Bearcarver

    Bearcarver SMF Hall of Fame Pitmaster Group Lead OTBS Member

    LOL----I can see it now:

    Obsessive Crazy Woman "Squirrelzilla" runs rough-shod in Japan & destroys Tokyo !

    US to transport King Kong & Mighty Joe Young to Japan, to help quell the situation.
  7. mballi3011

    mballi3011 Epic Pitmaster OTBS Member SMF Premier Member


    Run everyone it's SQUIRRELZILLA I'm sure that she has smoked TokYo by now and I'm really worried whats next......
  8. tjohnson

    tjohnson Smoking Guru Staff Member Moderator Insider OTBS Member SMF Premier Member

    I just had a "Visual"...OMG!

  9. meateater

    meateater Legendary Pitmaster SMF Premier Member

    Don't fear the zilla, come and take my smoke, la la la la la la la........[​IMG]
  10. squirrel

    squirrel Master of the Pit OTBS Member

  11. ak1

    ak1 Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    Well, after seeing that picture, Squirrel, you may be getting a letter from Toho's lawyers[​IMG]
  12. scarbelly

    scarbelly Epic Pitmaster OTBS Member

    That is funny - so did I - maybe we inhaled too much of the maple bacon cure
  13. Dutch

    Dutch Smoking Guru Staff Member Administrator Group Lead OTBS Member OTBS Admin SMF Premier Member

    Those big companies sure try to run rough-shod over the small ones for sure.  There is a bakery here in town that specializes in cookies named after pin-up girls of WWII. The name of the company is My Dough Girl; the name of the company that's picking on My Dough Girl is Phillsbury/General Mills.

    My Dough Girl story.
  14. ak1

    ak1 Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    Basically, nothing more than lawyers trying to earn their retainer fees.
  15. herkysprings

    herkysprings Smoking Fanatic

    I'm curious.... if somebody opened up a BBQ stand called "Supergrill" and had a picture of an offset with a red cape attached to it, what the opinion would be?

    Although I'm not one for lawyers picking on random helpless entrepreneurs the question remains, are they really playing off of Godzilla as a known and recognizable icon to enhance their marketing?

    The person who came up with Grillzilla at their naming party surely did not put those random words together. Even the description of said events points to the fact that they are referencing, even if its in the back of their heads, Godzilla, when making the comparison.

    Another question is: When does something so iconic move from a copyrightable entity in to main stream culture that anyone could use, and with what limits?
  16. jirodriguez

    jirodriguez Master of the Pit OTBS Member SMF Premier Member

    Think the owner should have told the lawyer that he would drop the name provided he was allowed to rename it "Lawyer-Lizzard Grill" with a caricature of the lawyer on a spit! The caption underneath would say something like "Finally found a good use for a lawyer!" [​IMG]

    Cheryl - I will never be able to look at a squirrel again without picturing the giant green squirrel attacking Tokyo! lol
  17. beer-b-q

    beer-b-q Epic Pitmaster OTBS Member

    Squirrelzilla ???   Yep works for me...[​IMG]
  18. Bearcarver

    Bearcarver SMF Hall of Fame Pitmaster Group Lead OTBS Member

    OK, Squirrelzilla,

    I saved this one way back when I was carving bears. I just happened to remember I still had it.



  19. squirrel

    squirrel Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    LOLOLOL!!!!! That looks about right Bear!

    Sorry Bob for hijacking your thread. I got carried away.
    Last edited: Aug 10, 2010
  20. jirodriguez

    jirodriguez Master of the Pit OTBS Member SMF Premier Member

    I sense a new avatar for somebody! lol