Let it Snow, Let it Snow...

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Dec 1, 2019
The Cowboy State - Wyoming
On Monday, 26.7 inches of snow fell upon us, which is the largest snowfall on any single day in my town since records began. All-in-all, the two-day blizzard dropped 37.4 inches of snow in town, and roughly 48 inches on the mountain, which is 3,000' higher in elevation. And drifting often doubled the depth and closed all roads, schools, most businesses and the airport. We're finally starting to thaw out. Snow plows have been on the job day and night.


My neighbor's house.... and to the immediate left of his toy hauler is a Ford Mustang in a huge drift.
My cookers looked like marshmallows.
We still get snow, but nothing like that since the 60s and 70s.

Wow. That's horrible. We didn't even get enough snow to plow this winter
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Stay safe Wayne. We are thawed and drying now. Dang good snow year for sure. They were saying last month that Powell will rise 60’ but it may be more now. That’s incredible moisture.
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Boy howdy, hate that white stuff, never lived near it, never will. Hope you and yours get thru this crap, I'll be where I want to be in a couple of days, high 90's! RAY
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Dang that is a lot of snow brrrrrrrr hope you get thawed out with no major problems
Wow. Ok, I’ll stop complaining about the weather.
Oh man that sucks. Our snow is finally melting after 6 months, person gets a little depressed after a while. Not sure how would take that amount. Definitely not good for the mental health. Stay the course bro

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Man we just had our all time 24 hour snow fall this well as well! Crazy!
Wow! Stay safe! I don’t think I want to do that kind of snow at this time of year🤣 You’re a stronger man than I am!
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