Length of Cooked Brisket

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May 15, 2021
New guy here. I’m curious how long from end to end a cooked brisket is, on average and the max length I might expect?

I’ve been smoking pork butts on a R2D2 style smoker for years, but that’s held me back from ever doing a brisket. Well, I just got myself an offset stick burner. I’ve been learning how to run the thing, and I’m eager to put a brisket in it.

I ended up getting a cheap(ish) electric box smoker that I intended to use solely for getting a long overnight rest after smoking on the offset. Well, the inside of the box is smaller than I was picturing. It’s 14.75” from wall to wall. A quick google search says a brisket ranges from 12-20”. That’s uncooked, I’m sure, and thus expect some shrinkage on a cooked one. Nonetheless, I’m guessing that I probably would find briskets not fitting in there so we’ll.

Never having done a brisket myself, before I return the box smoker, I wanted to tap into the forum to find out if I’m going to find 14.75” too small?

Thanks in advance!
For most packer briskets, yes that's too small.
You can however find smaller briskets and even shorten a long one to make it fit.
Just cut off the thinner "flat" portion, or cut off enough for it to fit.
After cooking any whole brisket will shrink quite a bit compared to uncooked, perhaps as much as 1/3 shrinkage.
Just take a tape measure to the store. This one is just shy of 18" and after cooking it was probably around 15".
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