Leftovers @ The Bear Den

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Sep 12, 2009
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Leftovers @ The Bear Den

I had a few leftover items taking up space, so I took a couple nights to get rid of them:

There was some leftover Browned Ground Beef, a couple Hot Dogs, and a couple Hot Dog Buns.
So the first night I put some Tallarico’s Steak Sauce on a Bun & loaded it up with the heated up Ground Beef. Then I melted some Cheese on Top to make a Small Ground Beef Cheesesteak.
I also Fried a few slices of leftover Baked Tater, and added a couple Pickled Red Beet Eggs.

The second Night I toasted two stale Buns, and put a mess of Yellow Mustard on them.
Then I added two Dogs and some Baked Beans with some cut up chunks of Summer Sausage mixed in.

That got rid of it all rather nicely, and it was all very tasty!


"Tallarico's Steak Sandwich Sauce" on a Bun, and heated up some leftover Browned Ground Beef:

Fill That Baby Up !!!

Melt some cheese on top, and add some Pickled Red Beet Eggs:L

Almost forgot a few slices of Fried, Baked Tater:

More Leftovers----Two Dogs, Two Toasted Buns, Baked Beans with chunks of Summer Sausage mixed in:
Looks great, my grandkids like the speero cut hotdogs and they are picky eaters
Looks and sounds good John! Very creative uses of the leftovers. I love repurposing like that.
All looks great John. I'm especially liking those Dogs. We don't have Dogs much lately because of the Diets. But I do get a few a month. The problem is I use the whole month's allotment the first day, lol. Great use of the leftovers. The Mrs. rarely eats leftovers, so when we do have them, I'm always looking for new ideas.
Great job.
Looks good Bear, I haven't had a good dog in a while.

Point for sure
Looks delicious, John! Still waiting for an invite. I don’t live tooooo far away!

Thank You Cowboy!!
Appreciate that!


For a moment there I thought this was leading to chili dogs.
SURPRISE! :emoji_laughing:

Tasty looking meals.


Thank You Stu!!
Chili Dogs would have fit perfectly!! Maybe next time!
I'll need some leftover Chili.
And Thanks for the Like.

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Looks like some delicious leftovers bear, ya got your hip boots ready. Looks like lots of rain coming

Thank You Jim!!
WE just started getting it a couple hours ago, kinda like the "Hammers of Hell".
Nothing like they got down South, but We're supposed to get 5" of rain overnight. It rains almost every day here, but usually only small amounts at a time. I think it'll be out of here by 8 AM tomorrow.
And Thanks for the Like.


Boy howdy John, I'm betting you didn't leave the table hungry after either one of those meals, Like! RAY

Thank You Ray!!
And Yes You'd be correct.
I hit my limit a lot sooner than I used to.
And Thanks for the Like.

Now that's a cheese steak , "WHERE'S THE BUN " Get it just the opposite of where's the beef commercial's ( I know i'm a fool )
That's a lot of beef , but I would through one down my neck .

Looks good Bear

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