Landmann 3695 GBD "Wires for Temp Probes"

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  1. This is my first posting so please bear with me.  Just purchased the Landmann 3695 BGD smoker about a month ago and was able to smoke one chicken and two small batches of beef jerky.  For the most part all the food was good, one batch of jerky got a little to hot, but still not bad.  I have been running my temperature cables down my top vent to monitor the temperatures but by doing this you can no longer adjust your top vent.  Do most people drill holes in the back of the smoker and run the cables that way.  Just not sure if I am ready to drill holes in the new smoker yet.  Please help.  Thanks for all the kind words in role call.  This website sure has helped my a lot, thanks again to all.

    Michael K
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    The top vent should be open 100% all the time, so it's a perfect place to run the probe wires through.
  3. Did not know if I should close it some to keep the heat in the smoker because of the cold temperatures in NW Iowa.  Thanks Al

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