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Landjaeger Press


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Hey Bear, ever think that Nepas doesnt like us no more?? We NEVER get to sample is magnificant looking sausages>>> 



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Hey Bear, ever think that Nepas doesnt like us no more?? We NEVER get to sample is magnificant looking sausages>>> 


Now I hear he's going to sneak out of PA soon, probably under the cover of darkness!!



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Well they were gone within 4 days so they musta been good.
Would you mind sharing your recipe/process that you use?  I have tried several and looking to learn. I added a few onces of red wine to mine this time.


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I wasnt going to but i had to.

Made some Landjaeger mix.

Had my casing soaking, mixed the meat and did some late night stuffing for the press.

A sheet of freezer paper over the links, the top on and now in the fridge for a day or so.

I'm also curious that you say you put them in the press and off to the fridge. All the ones I have done call for fermenting from 3 to 4 days at 80 degrees.  I pressed mine for 2 days, dried them for a few hours and then back in the press for another 2 days this time...albiet my press is a lot simpler than yours...I may copy your press for my next batch.


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Putting in the fridge dries and reduces the green weight, thus making it easier to dry them with 70% R/H. If i remember right these took about 2-3 weeks. They should go longer.


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I need something to do so we are making some Landjaeger press molds.

Hardwood ply.....NO WAY to much $$

S4S Ply 3/4" for the base and tops.

Poplar for the dividers and slats.

Made a couple spacers so all the sections will be the same width.

After its all together i will cold smoke the press and top so they get a nice season. I'm thinking after the season maybe a coat of chopping block oil?

Slats are 3/4 x 3/4" x 18"

Spacers are 1 1/2" x 1 1/4" x 3/4"

Base and tops 20" x 18" X 3/4 "
My buddy Mark and I made a press too. Somewhat different than yours. We used 3/4” birch A/B plywood and 1/4” polycarbonate plastic on bottom butted to birch plywood 1” x 2” for easy clean-up. It presses to 11/16”. We put 16 1/4” x 3” bolts ( two in each corner)with counter sunk nuts on bottom . Once the top of press is fitted we use 16 wing nuts ( two in each corner) to tighten. Seems to work for our preferences. 6ECAAC67-E763-4CD4-915D-56841564EEC4.jpeg Bottom 2DF3A9CC-F853-41B8-AED8-18CAA3061A97.jpeg top blue is top piece of press. Bottom board is picture of press tightened down with wingnuts. 6ECAAC67-E763-4CD4-915D-56841564EEC4.jpeg 4413A9EB-E75B-4A31-B36F-AE69F8E9CF68.jpeg Left bottom of press. Right is picture of full press tightened.
ACE17039-D0D2-410F-9085-1534A9D9E618.jpeg Side view of bottom 06F83E0D-A90D-4B05-9DCF-B0F0395EA1C6.jpeg Looking down at bottom of press E20BF5B7-96DA-4399-B7FB-42E7E665034B.jpeg Looking within bottom from one end to another.

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