Ladel Fire Brick- food safe?

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Original poster
Mar 6, 2023
Northern NJ
Hey all, I'm reaching out to local mason suppliers to find a good price on fire bricks. One company got back to me with a great price ($1.74 for 8.25x4x2.5 bricks) but rather than standard fire bricks I'm seeing around, they are ladel (ladle?!) bricks, which appear to be used in steel foundry applications. Does anyone happen to know if ladel bricks are food safe? When I search for them, I get very few hits, and no information about whether or not they are food safe. Just wondered if anyone has run into this and what the results were!
I found this article on them, but it doesn't say anything about food safe.
thanks for passing that along! the supplier got back to me and actually said they're just regular fire bricks, that is just the name they use for them in their catalog. So I guess that's why there's not much to be found about them online, they're not a different thing from regular fire brick! is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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