Knife Set $12.99

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I bought a set and it is showing the code again but I'm not buying more knives any time soon
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Hey All,

I got the black three-piece plain brewin set delivered last week. I really like it. They are fairly heavy which i like seem pretty solid. I used the chef's and the Santoku. I ran the chefs over my honing rod 4 times then thru my fine side pull thru four times. I was pretty happy with it. Pretty close to being as good as my Dalstrong gladiators.. Close lol but not too close the Dalstrongs are ruthlessly sharp lol. For $17 I am super happy. I would recommend these sets at that price point.
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I'm regularly using a knife I got for 1.25$ at the dollar store and am amazed how well it holds an edge. No heft but it chops like crazy.
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To revive an old thread. Some of these knives are on sale again. I bought the 5 pc rosewood handle set (again) this morning for $25. Now it's back to $50. But others are still on sale, like this one.
Today, I went to the Edeal site on the original post. Price was $14.99 with free shipping. The trick to getting to the site is to copy the website text from the second www, not the first, then paste into your address line.

How can they make the knives so cheap? I posted a thread a while back about buying knives in bulk (1000+ per order) from China. They are made in the knife making region of the country. Prices per knife on what I'd consider a decent German steel were often less than $1 a knife.

I have three Chinese knives, a 5.5" petty ($20), a 6" chef ($19 or $20), and a 7" cleaver ($40), all made with German quality steel. I use the petty almost daily, the cleaver when sizing meat for jerky, and I often forget about the 6" chef because I prefer my cheap, 40 yr-old 6" gyuto. The edges last as long as my Zwilling/J.A. Henckel knives.
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Amazon today has a Prime Big Deal discount of 46%, followed by another 50% coupon you have to "clip", and then an additional 10% promotion you have to "redeem". Free S&H. Under $5 per knife for good steel that will outlive me.

Next day update...that was the Japanese Brewins, not the Chinese Enowos. And today they're back to $36. No coupons, no promotions.
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I own a ton of these I have stashed for gifts. I also have Enowo knives stashed. I've given both to a friend and I'll say the Enowo are far superior and still a great price. Good deal on them here enowo Chef Knife Ultra Sharp Kitchen Knife Set 3pcs,Premium German Stainless Steel Knife Cutlery Set with Finger Guard Clad Dimple,Ergonomic Color Wood Handle and Christmas Gifts Box
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I went back this again morning to check on the knife set and coupon and found this...
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$68.19 with a $40 coupon for this 7 piece set. With my tax and free shipping, it comes to $30.16. Another Christmas gift in the books...:emoji_wink:

And no, the $60 coupon for the 5 piece set is still not showing up for me...
Just checked these out. 24.49 with 5.00 off. Set cost me 21. 23.
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Just got done trying out my new Chef Choice sharpener. It did a really nice job on this cheap Brewin knife I bought. My other Cuisinart knifes are so so. Brewin CHEFILOSOPHI Chef Knife Set 5 PC is discounted to about $20 right now with $70 off than 50% and another 10% off coupons. I went ahead and bought it. I been really happy with that last set.
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Like I need another knife but for the price. I still using the last one I got cheap. Copy from www

Alcohol might have been involved. I ordered. Got 1 chef's knife. there were a few re-directs from the link given to Amazon to buy..
At any rate the 8" chef's knife i got for $14.92 seems good enough. certainly as good out of the box as the Misen I bought off of late night Tv for $30.00. didn't have room or 3 more knives.
The sucker was sharp, we'll see how long it holds. Won't shave my arm like my Wusthof but it wasn't $100 either. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.