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Jun 22, 2007
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My local Costco has a great deal on a 38" King Kooker Smoker. Are these good? Anyone have one and can comment? And (my ignorance here) what do they mean by "Low Pressure Propane Smoker?"
I'm sorry, I don't understand the difference
. Does the regular propane store at a higher pressuer in the tank? If there is a difference, how do I know what I'm getting when I fill up. Sorry if I seem stupid on this.
its ok, I think they do it just to throw people off. To the best of my knowledge, there is no difference between regular propane and LP propane.
I have a King Kooker, below is a link with some of my pic's of it...My likes and dislikes...Likes - actually LOVE this part, it has a small door at the bottom right (pics in link) where I can add more wood and change water pan without having to open the big front door and lose my that it maintains temps quite well and I can adjust rather quickly. It has quite a bit of room inside. I've done two shoulders, 5 racks of baby backs (on a rib rack), and two salmon fillets. It also came with a rack to do three beer can chickens, the "divots" for where the beer can goes could be just a little deeper though.
Dislikes - there really isn't a seal around the main door and you kind of have to lift it up. I'm going to "pipe" some heat resistant caulk around the thing, hopefully creating a seal. Most of my smoke doesn't go out the stack, it flows through the door. The thing cooks a bit hotter in front by the door. I'm thinking that by sealing the door better, this will stop this hot spot by lessening the draft around the door and pushing everything up to the top. I can fit a rack of bb's sideways, but a full rack of spares won't fit. I have angled and they fit, but this limit's me to 4 racks. I haven't done a full size brisket, but I'm thinking it will be an issue. All this being said, I compare it to the GOSM, same principal of smoker. I have the advantage of the side door for changing the wood, I LOVE this feature, I save a tremendous amount of reheating time by not having to open the front door. I wish it was wider, I like the width of the GOSM wide body. It needs a better door seal. I do like that it's on legs so you don't have to bend down to check everything...PRICE...after weighing the differences, GOSM I think goes for around $160. I paid about $300 for mine. Is the little door worth the extra $150???? Sorry, a little windy but I wanted to pass my experiences along...other than all that, I have turned out some great Q and hubby won tie for best in show at friendly back yard cook off with his ribs!! is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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