Kamado Joe rub marks/scratches from metal ring/grate?

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Jeremy Lee

Original poster
Nov 8, 2018
Hey all,

Just got my Classic I delivered and fortunately no cracks/damage... I cringed a few times when they were unloading the thing because they weren't exactly gentle with it and also the pallet was laying on its SIDE in the truck when they were pulling it out :O

Anyway, upon opening the lid, I did notice these scratches/rub marks presumably from the metal ring/grate that was sitting in there.
I'd imagine these likely came from the thing sitting on it's side like that:




Is this anything to be concerned about?
I wouldn't be worried. Magic Eraser might take it off, but as soon as you fire it up...it will be dirty. I'd have coals in by now:)
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Hahaha, yea I was thinking not a big deal. I checked with KJ on Facebook too and they confirmed it should be fine.

I haven't even dared ask my wife to help me lift it. Earlier she sent me a screenshot of a text from her best friend who's husband surprised her with VIP suite tickets to the stupid BTS concert.... *sigh* - those tickets cost more than the Classic I got on sale via Walmart LOL. Anyway, I can tell she's kinda sad - the only thing that might cheer her up is some smoked meat, but it's a catch-22 since she's the only one around who can help me lift the thing and finish setting it up.
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