Just venting . . . 8-(

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Jul 16, 2008
NW Ohio - outside Toledo
So , We're being extra nice to the Son and his "Wife" by giving a Month of rent
 and    paying the bills
.  No jobs
  Trusted him to get the Cable issue cleared ( which was simply add the (M-I-L) portion of the House added to the wiring . Now we have another big bill to pay for supposed "Wifi" through the house. I'm still going over to beg use of the laptop...

Got the TWC service Man coming tomorrow ; the smart aleck  Kid says he knows how , so why is it not done..................Kids. Gotta love them

Thanks for reading my troubled "Whining"...

Now  I have to practice what I Preach , have fun and . . .
Hey Stan

Nothing wrong with venting--done it myself on occasion.

Like Chef Willie said.  My stepdaughter just moved back in with us.  Argh!!!  LOL  Nothing is simple.  For the last month, I've been trying to convince her to get a camp job in the oil patch.  She'll make triple the money she now makes working in a store, and best of all she'll be in camp 3 weeks out of every 4 and I won't be paying her bills.  Only problem with that is she'll have to leave her "demon spawn" cat here and that cat just hates me.  When I set up the coffee at night, I have 2 Labs and a cat sitting in a row waiting for their treats.  The cat eats hers, snarles at me and walks away.  LOL  Same thing every night

Keep venting were here for ya.
 As momma would say "Keep you chin up and mouth closed till you know for sure what you are going to say.
Yep.. I feel for ya Stan.... same here..They know it all........  Wish I  had parents like us.......
Yeah.... have a good friend who has been dealing with her son and his "wife" as well. Sad part is she loves her grand-kids, they know it, and the use the grand-kids as hostages to get $$ out of her and her husband!
Makes me miss the days you could take the kids out back and teach them some respect before they turned into snots! I'm only 42, but I still remember my lessons in respect... and they worked!

Indeed, "Blended Families" require "blended" Scotch; just to deal with them aptly and still maintain one's sanity. (As the highbrow single malt stuff is just not going to cut it and numb or silence out enough of that "noise" in the background). Smiles.

However, so long as adults who come home will agree to a "job" in their parents' abode; (such as "while you stay here, you'll be making our meals, and doing the shopping, clean up afterwards etc." or handling the yard work, or housecleaning, or SOMETHING) then those temporary intervals can yield some respect on both parts.

Now if I could only get my DOGS to pay the electric bill!???

Happy holidays to all!

Cheers!!!!!!!!!!!!! - Leah

I agree.  When I was a teenager, I was just a tad mouthy.  One day I mouthed off at mom while at the table.  Never saw it coming but that backhand from dad really caught my attention.  He never did fix that large crack in the dining room wall that my head made--just left it there as a warning.  Learned a lot about manners that day LOL.

OSB vent away we all need to every now and then. I can TOTALLY relate to this. My 27 year old daughter (well actually shes my step but Im only dad shes known) moved in with us first part of Aug. was only going to be for a short time. I will give her credit she does help out, and now has a Job so we dont have to pay all her bills as well. hopfully she will get enough back in taxes to get her a car and have enough to get a place. LOL now look im venting....The things we do for our kids
Gary, I can entirely relate!

When I was a teenager, my Dad was driving a gal pal of mine home, after she'd visited for the day, and so she and I sat together in the back, as I went along for the ride to take her home.

We were giggling and acting ridiculous, and I decided that I would "dare" to tell my Dad, while he was driving no less, to "Go f@#$k a Duck!" (We girls thought that was so brazen and fabulous, because it rhymed you see - clever, yes)? OH BOY!

My naive belief, was that since the man was driving, it was virtually impossible for any backhand action to take place and that I'd show off therefore in front of my pal; and nothing would happen.

I am sure you can imagine the magnificent "Multitasking" skills my pop miraculously developed, in an instant, and all while managing to continue driving at full speed, eyes on the road.

Myself? I gave up on being a poet certainly, and learned then, once and for all, about "respect."

Moral: Never underestimate a New York City native who never learned to drive until he was a married and grown adult. As he'll figure it out!


Thank goodness we grow from this stuff right? Today I laugh like crazy about it, and believe the man was not only justified but did the right thing! Back then however? Wellllllll, teens are always right! Too funny...

OK, that's the shared rant for today. Happy all!!!!!!!! Cheers! - Leah
- OH, and just to help bring all things back to the clean-family-fun and more specifically, a "smoking related" thread; (as I most certainly did not mean to offend anyone by chiming in with my story, not in any way, and so I hope I didn't make anyone irate therefore or ready to have me "offed the island"); but today, the only similar utterance I'd even CONSIDER delivering to my dear Dad, would be to go "SMOKE a Duck," of course. And that would be said with food love and not the fury of a frustrated and growing pain growling teen.

OK, here's to great smoked things therefore and I hope my story didn't bother anyone. Just adding to the conversation as I believe we all have been there at some point in time. Cheers!!!!! - Leah

I agree.  When I was a teenager, I was just a tad mouthy.  One day I mouthed off at mom while at the table.  Never saw it coming but that backhand from dad really caught my attention.  He never did fix that large crack in the dining room wall that my head made--just left it there as a warning.  Learned a lot about manners that day LOL.

That is what we need these days.  More parents willing to step up and be Parents!
I am sorry to hear you are going through this. I don't get the lack of respect or appreciation by the younger generation. My humble opinion is we as a society allowed the raising of kids to get too soft and entitled. There is little or no true compition, what games they play have cheat codes or everyone wins.

It is hard when it is your kid. You want them to succeed on their own, but not fail. So you keep saying just this time or only for a short while, before long months have past and a new norm has been established. I feel for you and hope things work out for you, it is a tough road you are on, sort of been there myself.

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