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Jul 14, 2006
Hello Everybody!
Hope there is room for a new gal. I'm a new smoker from Oklahoma and hope to learn alot about smokin meat and everything else. Not long ago I got a GOSM. Looking forward to chatting with everyone.
Welcome aboard,

Love the handle. Been known to toss back a couple of DosEquis myself.

Tell us about your smoking successes and failures, post lots of pics and ask/answer questions as the mood fits.
Welcome to our little corner of the 'net, DDE. I love the screen name! I'm no stranger to tossing back a couple cold ones, especially during a good rib smoke, and Dos Equis is always a good choice.

Jump in with any questions, and someone will find an answer for you. I, for one, have two GOSM big blocks that I use almost any given weekend and will be happy to help any way I can.

Hey Brian
I do have a question. I have tried some ribs but have a problem with the chips. Should I soak them or use dry ones? And I read Jeff's idea of modifying the box by using a coffee can instead of the box that came with the smoker. Any thoughts on that?
DDQ, welcome to SMF. Some of us that use the GOSM have switched to using wood chunks instead of chips. As for soaking your chips or chunks, it's a personal preference. I don't soak them due to the fact that it takes longer for the wood to smoke.
Another modification that's being experimented with instead of the coffee can or bean can is to use a "Baker's Secret" cake pan in place of the wood box. Check out the Propane thread under the Smoking Supplies & Equipment Section to see what others have done with their GOSM.

Heya, DDQ!

Welcome aboard and hope you enjoy the company and the camaraderie! We're a good bunch, much like an extended family. Need help? Ask. Got a better way, spill it! What more can I say? Look forward to your posts! And please, share not only your triumphs but also your flops! We all learn from each other!

You guys are great! Thanks for making me feel so welcome. And thanks for the advice Earl D.
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