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Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by beernuts, Feb 7, 2013.

  1. Now, that's funny. :D I put in the state and zipcode. It came up with $0.
  2. geerock

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    If you can get it thru for 0 shipping I'd be on it. I'm just trying to say that I beleive the rest of us have to pay. I tried it a few times and came up with $140 every time. 499 complete compared to MB at 449 (with maybe some shipping) is an easy decision IMHO. Smokin It wins.
    For a few bucks and some tinkering I've been able to get a pretty accurate MB 40 that is putting out great food and for a few dollars more will probably be able to finish a second one. But if I was going to start looking again I think one of the best values right now is the smokin it......especially if you have free shipping. :biggrin:
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    I think if you fill out all info, billing, ship to and bill to address, and check out, you will see the shipping address.  I went thru this same euphoric feeling last year when I ordered one.  After all the 'paperwork was filled out including the credit card info, and I checked out, the total including shipping was available. 

    Maybe if you contacted Smokin-it and talked to Steve, he could answer your shipping question better that we can.   I will say that it would be great to see the shipping charges available at the time you enter the state and zip code. Such is not the case.
  4. Darn. But, even if the shipping is $150, I might give it a shot, cuz it's only 1/3 more than the new retail MES 40 + shipping. In the long run, you'll forget all about spending that extra $150. We'll see what happens when my replacement MES body comes. If it doesn't solve the problems, I'm taking the whole thing back to Cabelas and going for the Smokin=It #3. All the owners who post about them are raving about them.
  5. Saw this post and WOW!  I'm not the only one waiting on a controller! Used mine twice.

    What caught my eye was the comments about China.

    I read an article a couple of months back about their prices on things from there. It went on to say if you start checking where things are made, you'll find some things made here in the USofA are actually cheaper and better. I've got in the habit of looking where things come from.

  6. geerock

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    Ok bugger,
    Shipping to grand rapids for the #3 is $117.80. I was going to buy it for you but didn't have your real name or address. :biggrin:
  7. old sarge

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    I think i might go for it after my replacement comes.
  9. Thanks Sarge. Pellet prices look good. Didn't check shipping prices.

  10. tazamaraz

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    Wow!  As I said in another part of the forum I've been looking for a new smoker.   One that is wider than the cheapy I have.  I never buy anything without months of research.  I'd about settled on the MES 30 inch. Widest unit I've seen without spending a ton.   Lots of good reviews, but almost as many bad reviews but those were all two years old or more.  Certainly, I thought, they'd fixed all that by now.  After reading here, I'm going to revise my search and take Masterbuilt out of the equation.  Maybe I'll just keep my cheapy.  It works great, lots of smoke, (fireplace rope keeps it inside the unit) doubt if the heat reading is accurate but I use a meat thermometer and the meat always comes out wonderful.  I'll just have to smoke smaller portions or cut the larger portions up into halves.  
  11. scootermagoo

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    Boy, the Smokin-it looks like a Cook Shack, doesn't it?
  12. old sarge

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    As well as resembling the SmokinTex.

    All good.
  13. I just got my new body and controller. There is no door with it. I wonder if I can order a door from Masterbuilt or if there's an aftermarket vendor.
  14. old sarge

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    You should be able to order a door, for a price. But is the aggravation really worth it?  Just asking.
  15. chiefwej

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    So MB replaced all of your smoker, except the door, no charge, and now you want them to sell you a door for the old one they replaced, so you will now have TWO smokers. How long will they continue to give good service if customers are taking advantage of their liberal customer service policy? Be happy that they treated you fairly and call it a day.
  16. geerock

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    Lets get this straight...... most of us waited months for parts to get a working smoker after spending good money for something that didn't work... sometimes straight out of the box. After waiting all that time they replaced controllers that all they had done with the new one was silicone the joints. I got my new controller and on the first smoke (after waiting 3 months) immediately shot to 320 for a setting of 225. So 3 months later I have a box and a half of un-useable parts that I had to spend my time on dis-assembling parts from one to install in another. Not sure how much more of their good customer service I can take. Because they still have my money and I have a couple piles of crap.
    They want to send me back a shipping tag I'll be glad to send it all back to them because I've had enough of their brand of customer service.
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  17. squirrel

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    Very well said. I have used my MES 40" maybe 15 times total over 3 years. I had to BUY my new controller and when that one didn't work either I was told they would sell me a whole new unit at a discount. Really? I'm out $425+ not to mention nearly burning my house down. No thanks Masterbuilt. I'm looking at a Cookshack. 
  18. Are you judging me? If you are, you're way out of line. I didn't want a completely new body. I had a bad meat thermometer and that's all I wanted replaced. I could have waited for the new Cabelas to open in my neighborhood area in 2weeks and just exchanged it for a new one. I thought it would do the manufacturer a solid by just getting the replacement part from them. Well, they refuse to send just that part and insist on shipping a complete new body. When the body came (with a new controller), the remote I have doesn't work with the new controller. When I set it to 275 to season it, it went up to 310 degrees. So, I am forced to not only move the hardware from one body to another but to move the controller, as well. I didn't sign up for any of this when I made my $500 purchase. Now I also have a tall hunk of unusable, non-biodegradable scrap in my garage. I find that extremely wasteful. I also don't have a serial plate on either body, so I can't even return the damn thing to Cabelas where I had a 90 day return policy. Now, I am locked into dealing with them for the remainder of my ownership of this thing. I didn't ask if I should try to get a free door. I didn't ask if there was some way to cheat them out of one, either. I asked if there was a way to purchase one. How is that "taking advantage of their liberal customer service policy"? Be happy they treated me fairly? Are you serious? I paid for a product and I should expect them to treat me fairly by providing me with a working product. I didn't design a product that doesn't have easily replaceable parts and put it on the market, they did. I happen to work for myself and deal with people every day and if I didn't treat them fairly, I would expect they wouldn't want to do business with me anymore. I will not call it a day. I will ask my reasonable questions here. The last I knew, this was a forum where the community asks and answers questions to help each other out. If you're not helping, what is the purpose of your answer? If I wanted to get berated by someone with misguided sense of morality, I could have emailed the westboro baptist church.
    I'm not sure. If it's reasonable price, it might be. I'd hate to just waste and scrap this heap and add it to some landfill if it could be put to some use.
    I'm sorry you had such an ordeal. Would you happen to have a door I could buy, from those parts you mentioned?
    I hear you. I was seriously considering returning everything before and buying a Smokin-It #3. They look like a much more solid piece of equipment, made in USA (instead of this China junk), and don't cost much more than I paid for this one.
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  19. i posted a poll about mes " fix " to find out if it worked. as i have cut the cord mailed the plate from the back and await my turn for the "fix". masterbuilt is responsible as defined"causing or allowing things to happen". diane csr was helpfull on my call. if this does not work i will return for a full refund as this was a christmas present and has not worked has design "purpose". good luck to all with there "FIX"

  20. smokingrk

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    Must say I have to agree with geerock  - initially I was OK with trying to work the issue with MB, then 2.5 months later the unit still does not work, starts to take the fun out of it...spending more time trying to correct someone else's issues, instead of cooking up some good food, though it would be a difffernt story if this were a build it yourself kit ![​IMG]

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