Joining the pellet world with a Rec Tec Grill

Discussion in 'Pellet Smokers' started by smokedstanley, Mar 7, 2014.

  1. Just got my Rec Tec on 3-5-14. Took 37 minutes from the time the UPS truck showed up till I was ready to do the burn in. Everything was wrapped exceptionally well and assembly was a breeze. It was just below 35 degrees outside and it only took 30 minutes to hit the 500 degree mark. Proceeded to season it with a pound of thick cut bacon, and then grilled some Italian Sausage. The grillgrates worked perfectly. I am planning on smoking 4 good sized picnics on saturday night and will update from there. If anyone has any tips or tricks specific to the Rec Tec I would like to hear them. I can't wait to see how they come out compared to my MES 30 (which does a really good job but can only do 2 at a time)
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    I am wistfully thinking of moving up to a pellet smoker. I will be interested in how you like yours. Thanks for posting.

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    Congrats Stanley!  Hope you love it as much I do mine.  Post up some Qview of your butt smoke for'll give you a chance to show off the new pit.  


  4. Four shoulders all ready to go, can't wait till 9 to put them on. Still undecided if I should use the tube for extra smoke or just let the rec tec do its thing.
  5. Second smoke on the Rec Tec and both these butts were amazing. 18 hours at 225.
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    Looks great! Thumbs Up

  7. Is this a misprint 18 hours....good grief...seems like a long time.  I usually get mine done average of 8 hours.  Unless you like to be tied down for that long and just have pellets out the wazoo...crank her up to about 250
  8. Not a misprint, low and slow. It was 18 hours at 225 to hit the I.T. of 203. Went in at 9pm and came out at 3pm. Sprayed with Apple juice every 2 hours. Amazing bark, tender and juicy. I guess it's just personal preference.
  9. With the general rule of 1-1/2 to 2 hours a pound these were almost text book perfect on timing. Each weighed almost 9 pounds.
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    Looks great!! Congrats on the REC TEC. As far as tips and tricks....make sure you have pellets, set your temp...add meat. OK, those aren't really tips, but there isn't much to it...they just work. The only real advice I would have is to start scanning the grocery store ads for meat sales because you are going to want to use that bad boy constantly. 

  11. Did you spray throughtout the night?

    I'm getting ready to make the jump from my gasser to a pellet grill (Yoder 480 or 640) based on the desire to keep a constant temp, primarily for overnight cooks.
  12. Yes, I sprayed with an Apple juice and Worcestershire sauce mix every two hours.

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