Jerky smoker for deer processor

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Jan 24, 2011
Hey guys.  Got a question.  My buddy is in the deer processing business during the fall and he has a need to upgrade his small electric smoker to something larger. Most of his customers want jerky and his small smoker is not up to the task.  He had mentioned that he would like to find one that does approximately 20-30lbs of meat at a time.  I told him that I would ask here to see  if anyone with some jerky experience and would be able to give some pointers as to what units are out there that could do this quantity.  So if anyone has any ideas post them up.  Thanks alot.  
20,30 lbs at a time is a lot. He is going to need a pretty big smoker. Maybe looking into building your own. There are several threads on plywood smokers which would work good for his needs and he could make it as big or little as he wanted.
As rbranstner mentioned, jerky takes quite a bit of rack space for 20 to 30 lbs. My smoker in the rear of the picture below is 7 foot tall with 2'X2' racks, you will need something of its size or larger to get that many pounds of jerky at one time. That particular smoker is great for sausage and large loads of jerky. It is a retired stainless steel commercial freezer that I refurbished to run off propane (fast heat recovery after opening the door) with a thermostat and automatic pilot igniter so I don't have to constantly babysit the temperature of the smoker and wouldn't have a pilot light that ran constantly or could go out without my knowing.

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Thanks for the input guys.  He already knows that it would be a big unit, I just counldn't come up with any manufacturers that would suit him best.  Does anyone know of any gas or electric units of this size?  Thanks

What is your price range and where are you located?

Cookshack makes quality, commercial smokers - Their prices do not appear to be online, but if you go look at them on eBay their is a good selection there and gives you an idea of what they have available and the prices.
Thanks Mossymo, I actually was just looking into them.  I think they would fit the bill perfectly.  Looks like a really easy unit to use.  Thanks again. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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