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    Baby Sister has her annual no guys allowed mountain hike coming up and thinking we'd try some thing different.

    Eye of Round (on sale), I usually use for jerky, not too tuff and no fat to chance turning rancid. Cut into 1/16 to 1/8” slices diagonal with the grain w/ my knife. Across the grain it gets no chew and breaks easily when twisted for testing while with the grain, only works for politicians.

    Jerky Flavors
    1. Adolph’s Tenderizer, Honey, Lea & Perrins, Garlic, Onion
    2. Cure, Claude’s, Brown Sugar, Cajun Power, Honey
    3. Cure, Apple Vinegar, Brown Sugar, JJ’s, Garlic, Onion
    4. Cure, Teriyaki Sauce, Soy Sauce, Lime, Honey
    No cure in the first, never used cure in jerky before. I added ½ t. to the other three.

    Normally I use this for my marinade:

    Jerky Brine

    1 qt.       water

    1/3C      Canning Salt

    ½ C         Brown Sugar

    1/4 C       Maple Syrup (Grade B) or Honey

    ¼ C         Lea & Perrins

    1T           Soy

    ½ t          Garlic

    ¼ t          Onion

    ½ t          Red Pepper flakes            

    If no smoke add, a cap of liquid smoke.

    What I did this time:

    I marinated for 48 hrs.

    Brought the smoker up to 250, lite the AMPS, added the jerky. 0ne hour later reduced the box temp to 120, opened the vent full, beautiful apple smoke chugging out.

    Smoked it for 6 hours (till the smoke ran out) BTW if you did not realize, vent position not only determines dryness, but all smoke consumed. Full open uses more pellets but drys faster. Vent cracked longer moister smokes.

    Moved it to the dehydrator. Will continue till completely dry.

    Completely dry and bagged for Baby Sis's consideration. I really wasn't pleased with this jerky I cut the meat muscles at about a 30 degree angle from the grain, but I must have then cut the meat too thin. Yes its chewy, but it breaks apart, no pull at all. I am not ruling out the two day marinade either, especially since I tried using cure. That may well be the difference.

    Either way its edible, has some good tastes and needs no refrigeration.

    I think I will go back to my old style, I should get in a new 1/2 gallon of syrup this week.

    When I do another batch, hopefully soon, I will post it.

    Thanks for looking in.
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    I have had limited success with smoking jerky and appreciate your posts re different attempts. I have made jerky on my dehydrator successfully for years. When I got the smoker last year, I tried it with my Bradley with the pucks as I did not have my AMNPS but the smoke flavour was way too strong. Forgetting everything else in your attempt, was the 6 hours of AMNPS too strong, too weak or just right?

    Thanks for your advice.

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    WOW jerky too.

    Looks great.
  4. foamheart

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    6 hours was wayyyyyyyyy too long. I should have done an hour maybe 2. But LSU needed my asisstance on the TV. The game was so good I just forgot about everything else, (and I had a canadian bacon or back bacon and shrimp gumbo planned).

    I would think probably 2 hour would be more than enough, then you could continue drying without smoke. Thats what I did last year for her with my standard jerky recipe. And I did use a lite smoke, apple.
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    Thanks, Foamheart, as usual, the information is appreciated.

  6. foamheart

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    It works but without all the polish that someone like the real pro's around here do. See, its why we scale mountains, we don't care whats on the other side, we just want ours to look as good as theirs!

    Me, this time I lost my focus, but its ok. It shows the different tastes available, but not in an outstanding light.

    If LSU would have played better it would all have been different!

    Thank yas "C" man.
  7. foamheart

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    I should add, I have a new favorite thing! I had forgot, I put the dehydrator on the table and turned it on........ OMW that perfume of smoke and spices and oils and flavors filled the air. I usually boil water with flavors added in the winter so everything doesn't dry out, like the skin! The dehydrator was soooooo aromatic and a gentle warm breeze ...... That's better than pee'ing in the pool!
  8. foamheart

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    Here we go again, this is the second batch of Jerky, remember just looking for taste not so much worried about everything else, it like a rehearsal .........

    I didn't take any pictures of me cutting this "Chuck roast", remember its about prefecting the taste or mixing up the spices or putting it in the reefer for 36 hours.

    So I hate to admitt it but...... I saw Alesia use a packaged mix and I said what the heck, its not like a have a box full of 'em in the garage taking up space that have appeared over the years. This one is from the Spice Company, I like it. Its like vanilla ice cream you can use it alone or add what you like. Nice taste but I didn't check the salt.


    1/4C honey

    1/4C apple juice

    3T Jerky Seasoning (The Great American Spice Company) Mild

    1T Tony's

    1t  Ancho chili pepper

    5 lb Chuck Roast, sliced and cleaned.

    Above and below is sliced beef awaiting their time in the smoker. They were patted dry, stabbed on those scures that are 30 years old and used once and hung on the custom built scure hangers..... ROFLMAO

    Below we have scures removed from the hangers after 2 hours at 120 with the vent full open, 2 hours of hickory and apple pellets for another 2 hours. Light smokey smell, meat still pliable. LOL.. 2 hours on AMPS even with full open vent, I think was 17 and 2/3 pellets....LOL   J/K

    I used to have chickens, thats the old rooster, he comes around daily looking for bird seed or corn. Something ate all the hens but this wylie ol'rooster out lived 'em all. I could kill him but I kind of like the crowing he does, besides he earned his keep.

    Back to the Jerky, I know I know, but a dehydrator is a useful tool. I set it up and ran it 6 hours last night and 2 hours this AM. Each dehydrator is different and just requires a bit of time to get understand it.

    Guess what arrived this week?  Can you guess what flavor the next batch of jerky will feature? I have to have this shipped in yearly, this year I got two 1/2 gallons, one to eat and a 1/2 gallon of grade B to cook with. (BTW made some maple cured chicken thighs w/ wjite beans and rice for supper), wish I could have shared with everyone!

    This is what the end result looked like, I divided it into three bags, Pop likes his, Sister took hers, one for the neighbor. (hangs head in shame) I can't eat it with store bought teeth. <sighs>

    I had a picture of the spider webs with the breakover of the jerky but the picture left much to be desired. So far this seems to be a hit around here. If you try this with roast beef, remember to clean all that fat off it will turn rancid. Chuck roasts were on sale last week.


    36 hour marinade, pat dry, refridgerate over night to dry,  hung

    2 hours 120 degree vents wide open drying

    2 hours 120 degrees smoke

    6 hours dehydrator

    Patted dry

    2 hours dehydrator

    Bagged w/ a paper towel in the bag to absorb moisture, and distributed.

    Nobody in the potty yet.

    Thanks for tuning in, probably another try when some beef on sale again, but not this week. Was expecting a storm... so was planning on eating out of the freezer which is no bad thing.
  9. That looks good Foamheart but the question is where did your baby sis find a mountain to hike around here.? Did she go to the river and climb the levee or get really adventurous and and go to the Gyp mound on Hwy 30 across from the Williams plant? I thimk that is the highest point in Louisiana not counting the Sunshine bridge.
  10. foamheart

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    It'll get better next week Cecil, but thanks. Here let me 'splain.

    Every year since college, (that is a few too LOL), she takes her "all girls long weekend to Georgia" to go hike some mountain. All the girls come back smiles and happy, I suggested they make the trip more often for which I get scowls LOL. They leave on Thursday come back on Monday, and they always want jerky. They may throw it away and go to a Chippendales show. They may use it to throw to the bears, whatever they do they always ask for it. Pop used to make it for 'em, but he's no longer able so I have been filling in.
  11. disco

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    Please make sure to let us know how the Maple jerky goes. Sounds interesting.


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