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    Ok fellow smokers,

    Don't freak out or jump out a 10-story building when I ask this question.  I am fairly new to the smoking arena but have had good early success; (2) briskets, (2) pork butts, (1) turkey, (1) St. Louis rack but as I have discovered (as we all have), timing is one of the most crucial elements of smoking.  I've started nice and early on my briskets and butts but did have one of the "good old" started to late finished at midnight smokes before...not fun.  

    Anyways to my point, I am in that bind where I committed to smoking some meat for a buddy's birthday lunch tomorrow (Saturday) but have to work most the day today (Friday), and am going to be short on time no matter what I do.  I am planning on doing a pork butt for 20 people and I don't have time to do all the smoking tomorrow, for we are leaving at 10am to travel to their house which is an hour and half away.  So my thought was to start the smoking in my smoker as soon as I can get home and get everything set up, probably around 5-6pm and then pull it and finish cooking it in (unfortunately) the oven or perhaps (whisper voice)...the crock pot.

    Ok, I got that out, so now my question...have any of you faced this dilemma and did you have success doing what I described and is one device better than the other to finish it?  I am thinking about leaning towards crock pot only cause I'm thinking of leaving it on low overnight and would prefer that over heating up the whole house with the oven.  Also, it should be noted that my smoker is a wood chip/propane style which can't be programmed or set to run unattended all night.

    Anyways, any thoughts, suggestions, or tips would be appreciated.  If however, you read this and immediately got nauseated and are to ill to respond, I understand.  Honestly I understand what true classical BBQ is which never involves pulling it out of the smoker but like I said I am kind of in a pickle.

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    Stu that should work out for  you. Try using a little higher heat, when you start it may give your meat some bark.

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    Smoke it at 275 for 4 hours using a stronger wood such as hickory. Then pan it or foil it and transfer to a 300 degree oven until it hits 200 internal temp. Should be much quicker and you'll have plenty of smoke flavor as well as tender and juicy meat.
  4. Do what you need to do to make it all work.   Nuff said [​IMG]
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    Thanks for the responses fellas...Ya I'll figure it out.  Probably just double foil pork butt with a little apple juice for braising, 200 deg, 4-5 hours, and call it good.

    Will update how it turned out later.

  6. Just be sure the internal temp gets to where you want it.  Meat is more about reaching that temp than the cook times.  Low and slow is best, but for your rush, starting in the smoker for the flavor and finishing in the oven is a good compromise.  I would venture to say that a high percentage of people who are on this forum have had to do the very same thing, myself included.  

    It'll be perfect.  Just take some pictures and show us how it went!

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    Well eventually had to bump oven up to 300deg to get to finishing temp but I think she turned out well! Shredded by hand like butter, finished it with pan drippings and Carolina vinegar sauce.
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    Stu Looks good keep on smoken.

  9. Mmmmmmmmmm pulled pork 

    Great job


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