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  1. Today I was contacted by my uncle that he had shot a wild turkey and wanted me to smoke it. Well I have never attempted a turkey on my smoker and looking for some advice so I can give him the best smoked turkey. A little background of what I'm working within is a 20 lbs wild turkey and I have a vertical offset smoker. I looking for advice on what type of wood to use, inject or not, rub or no rub, cooking temp and time also any other advice is welcome. Thank you in advance.
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    There are a lot of ways to do it, but I have had great luck With the recipe in the link below last thanksgiving. Basically inject butter into breasts, wet rub overnight using just salt and some herbs like rosemary and sage in olive oil -put the rub under the skin. Smoke at 325 with legs and wings foiled for about 1st half of smoke. I like to use hickory and apple wood for turkey. The bird that size will prob take 4 hours, but go to breast temp of 160 thigh 170. Rest it when you take it off.

    I have tried it a bunch of ways over the years, including wet brining, different rubs, etc. this was by far my favorite recipe.
  3. Thanks I will give it a try.

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