injectable marinade recipe for turkey

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Jun 4, 2015
when i searched i got lotsa brines, but want injectable marinade . my honeysuckle turkey has 3% added unlike butterball at 8. need recipe for good injectable.
I use this. It's delicious
I tried zatarans but we prefer Tony’s. IDK…. Maybe just maybe it’s because we are from Louisiana 😱🤣😁👍
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Dave Stamper (aka Old Dave) hooked me up with this injection/marinade combination many moons ago. I cut back on the salt to about 1/8 cup, then sample for saltiness., but here is the procedure as written.

INJECTION - I like a brine based off of "Shakes" Injectable Brine. This is the recipe that I use most often for all of my poultry.

32oz clean water (non-chlorinated and not softened)
1/4 cup pickling salt
2 teaspoons of TenderQuick (for color only)
1/3 cup clover honey
3-4 bay leaves
1/4 teaspoon ground cloves
1/2 teaspoon pickle spice

Heat it up in a sauce pan but do not boil. For a 12-15 pound turkey, inject 2 oz in each leg, 2 oz in each thigh, and 4 oz in each side of the breast. 16 oz total per turkey. Don't use more or it will be too salty. I like to do the injection at least 8-10 hours before the fire.

MARINADE....I use Wishbone Robusto Italian salad dressing in the 16oz bottle and you need one bottle for each breast and about two bottles for a whole turkey.

You will be brining and marinading at the same time.

Place the brine injected turkey into a food grade small plastic bag and then pour the Wishbone over the bird. Align the turkey so it is longways in the bag and on one side of the bag. Carefully start at the bottom of the bag using both hands and work all the marinade up around the meat getting most of the air out of the bag and then tie off the bag. Better to have some help with this step. Place the bag and turkey on a platter and put it into the fridge for about 12-14 hours. You might turn it a time or two when you get into the fridge for a beer.

thanks all.. just no injectables at stores. so thats why recipe needed. thanks 3rdeye..
not spactchcocking this yr, gonna spin it with wood chunks on grill,
Neither Tonys or Zats are available around here. So I have to have my daughter bring me up a few jars when she comes home for a visit. Both are very good.

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thanks didnt think of ace hardware
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I was in the local Ace last week , and they had a new display of Kosmos BBQ injections . I've never used those , but have heard good things about them .
I think jcam222 jcam222 might have some input on those .

Man how big are your Ace Hardwares? Ours all have a few grills, limited charcoal, some wood chunks and a few q'ing utensils.

Man how big are your Ace Hardwares? Ours all have a few grills, limited charcoal, some wood chunks and a few q'ing utensils.
This ones a pretty good size . I get my firewood over that way , that's why I was in there last week . They had a display of Oni pizza ovens that was new also . Charcoal , wood chunks and chips . Pellets for pellet grills and the A Maze n tubes and trays . Good selesction of grills . I can't stay in there to long .
Sorry about the hijack RC.

Mines not a big store but has a pretty epic grilling section. With all the things chopsaw chopsaw mentioned. They really stepped up their game in the last 4-5 years

I hope this trend flow north. It's an hour drive to Lowes or HomeDepot for me. Ace is about 15 min.

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Are the food safe brining bags something y’all get off Amazon?
For smaller jobs I use the 1 gallon or the 2.5 gallon zipper bags. For brine bags... I've bought them at a couple of sporting goods stores, from a sausage supply place and from Amazon. The ones I get are called 5 gallon bucket brine bags (or something like that). I've never done a dead lift on one, but when in a bucket or an ice chest they are very durable. I just twist the top, fold it over twice and use a zip tie.

Man how big are your Ace Hardwares? Ours all have a few grills, limited charcoal, some wood chunks and a few q'ing utensils.

In the Mountain West the new Ace stores are like a Super Ace. I walked into one in Miles City, Montana (population 8500) and was floored by the BBQ section, which was in the front of the store. There is a new Ace being built in my town, I'm anxious what they will stock. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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