I'm back!

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Jul 2, 2007
Lakewood, CO
Well that was a fun trip, but I'm glad to be home. got to shoot some missiles off the USS Abe Lincoln
. I love my job! They flew me on and off the ship when I got there and left after we were done and let me tell you, if you haven't experienced landing on an aircraft carrier in a plane, its very...um...different. First of all, you're sitting in the plane backwards in a 4 point harness. when you land and the plane catches the catch wire that stops the plane, you go from however fast the plane is going (I wanna say somewhere 100 and 200 knots) to stopped in roughly 6 seconds. then leaving the sip is an interesting ordeal too. You pretty much get flung off the end of a ship at about 200 knots (from a dead stop of course) pulling god knows how many G's going backwards.

Well, thats pretty much the highlights of my trip. Now that I'm home I can break in that new CG after catching up with the fandamily.

I'm hoping to smoke up a whole mess of stuff on Saturday, ABT's, Fattys, a Brisket, maybe a butt and a couple racks of ribs.
Glad to know it was a safe and short trip for you. Sounds like you're going to be playing around with your new machine and enjoying it too, smoke on!
Hey Brennan, welcome back! Now get that CG fired up and let's eat!!
Hey Brennan, what aircraft type did you go on? I used to be a pilot and of course, have tried flight sims on carriers .... a very humbling experience!
Glad you're back!
Glad you're back Brennan.. next time you're gonna be gone so long don't forget to turn off the lights. Looking forward to seeing your next smoke. Don't forget to enter the See the World - Smell the Smoke event!

Keep Smokin
I'm smoking my entry on Saturday PC. I've got a 5.5# brisket flat (the packers where I get my brisket only sell flats...oh well), 2 5.25# Spares, 2 fatties, 1.5# of jalepenos for ABT's, gonna do some of dutch's wicked baked beans, if my neighbor comes home he's gonna bring by his smoker and do some stuff too. otherwide I'm gonna have to call around and see if anybody wants to come to my house to eat.

Squeezy, the aircraft I flew on was a CH-40 Greyhound, otherwise known as a COD.

I've got my smoker all seasoned up and ready to go, the smoke will wake my neighbors up promptly at 6 AM on Saturday!
Brennan, you know in the city of Oxnard your picture will be in the post office as most wanted smoker. I met a lot of nice people there, and they love Q food. You have been warned.
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