i caught myself

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Smoke Blower
Original poster
Sep 6, 2006
Refugio, Texas
I just have a little question for all you long time smokers who have been looking for the thin blue smoke??????? My smoker is a simple char-broil electric smoker and i foiled some mesquite chunks and put some holes in the foil. And after getting the meatloafs ready and put on, i came in the house to take a quick break. Got me some coffee and headed back outside for a little bit just to make sure things were going okay. Next thing i know i have caught myself staring hard at the smoker looking for that thin blue smoke and it feels like my eyes were crossed. So like most medications, is a side effect of smoking, causilng people to go cross eyed or is it just me. Hope some of you folks can sit back and imagine this and get a little chuckle.

Bill Clarkson
I run a stickburner myself, and watch the smoke all the time. With a stickburner you have smoke all the time, some super thin and blue, some heavier. Smoke watching is part of it for me. Also a vol. fireman, can spot smoke a long ways off.
I don't know about crossed eyes but I do have trouble seeing sometimes through the tears! If only I were'nt so damned near-sighted!
Problem is you had coffee in your hand and not a Beer, Have to have a Beer to see the Thin Blue Smoke
Nothing more theraputic than sitting, beer in hand and watching the smoke roll out of your cooker, all the while anticipating the savory arrivals and listening to good tunes.
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