I am never using chips again

Discussion in 'Propane Smokers' started by matts, May 29, 2010.

  1. matts

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    After reading the thread by SQWIB about the much sought after TBS, I decided I needed to try chunks.  I have always used chips mainly because of the variety I could buy at the stores.  But they burn up so fast I was changing them all the time.  I happened to have some hickory logs and figured I would try it.  After some swinging of the ax and a little sawing I came up with some 2x2x3 chunks.  So I put of couple of those in a little metal bucket (coffee can size, also mentioned in the above mentioned thread) and the TBS is awesome.  Smoker is setting right at the 240 range and the TBS is just slowly rollin out and has been for a long time.  

    Thanks SQWIB and SMF for all the great info.
  2. flbobecu

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    I also use just a plan aluminum loaf pan with two small holes punched on the bottom for larger smokes. I can get about half a pound or so of chunks in there should I decide to go that route, but I used the loaf pan method today for ribs. Filled it about half way with Apple and two chunks of Peach. 

    The only problem (at least in my observation) is decent wood chunks aren't all that easy to come by. I made a 20# order for $33 shipped ($1.65/lb) and that's cheap, if you must buy chunks and don't have some on your property or know of someone with access to fruitwoods. 

    Good luck!
  3. I used to use chips a long time ago and kept getting frustrated at how fast they burn up. Didn't want to buy chunks because I was too cheap. Well I went ahead and bought some chunks and don't regret it one bit. They last a heck of a lot longer than chips and if you find them at a good price it doesn't put a big hole in your wallet.
  4. matts

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    It does make finding the wood harder.  I have a ever lasting supply of hickory, but others are tougher to find.  
  5. grampyskids

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    The cheapest source for wood chunks is from doitbest.com. You can order 10# bags for $8.29 with no tax or shipping. You just have to pick it up at a local building supply dealer.

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