Huge storm in the east

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So who's getting whacked by that huge storm on the eastern seaboard.  Just watched CNN and they say it will affect 100 million people in 22 states.  There have already been 2000 commercial airline flights cancelled.  For a change it looks like it will miss Alberta--we'll just get our usual 2 to 4 inches of snow every day until oh about June.  LOL.  Stock up on supplies and stay safe my friends.

3-5 of snow with 25 mph winds.

That's a low wind chill.

High temp of 10 tomorrow
Well even though they weren't calling for any here, we've go 6 inches so far and it's still coming down.  Problem it's fairly warm today and the snow is wet and VERY slippery--took me abbout 10 tries to back Linda's 4x4 into the garage 10 mins ago..just kept going sideways

Looks like about 3-4" here and still coming. We were supposed to get a dusting at best. Had my Miata out a while ago and it was a hoot!

High performance "all weather" tires aren't exactly grippy in snow.
High temp here yesterday was -11°F(-24°C for our Canadian and European friends), highs today will be about the same. Wind chills yesterday made it feel like -30°F to -35°F(-34°C to -37°C). We are at the very northern edge of the storm so we won't get much snow, 1-3 inches or so. My daughter lives in Portland, in southern Maine, they're expecting up to a foot of snow.
We got about one foot of snow so far, more is coming, but the temperature right now as I type, is only zero (which would be about minus 17 or 18 for Celsius folk) and so it's not that cold yet here.

It's actually BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cheers and happy Friday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - Leah
In the west of the state it got to 49.6 c today. Sydney high 30s c .We have had some problems with roads melting in other states. It was over 50c in the centre of country.
Beer drinking weather!
They are predicting -9 for the Packer game and -30 on Sunday night without wind chill.
Yes northern New Hampshire is now rumored to get to "minus 40" tonight!

Great cuddling weather, grilling weather, smoking weather, or weather for anything really, right?? Very beautiful!!!

Happy Friday!!!!!! Cheers! - Leah
Hey Moikel

You are a sick, cruel puppy  LOL

There is not a lot you can do when its that hot except sit in AC & drink beer. Where I grew up I remember being sent home from school because it hit 117f inside the classroom. It was fairly hard on my Canadian mother.

Its getting hotter in this country. A bit of a shock for northern hemisphere tourists & working holiday types. Horribly sunburnt young  Irish a dime a dozen
.Sydney is on the coast so nothing compared to the inland.

Those mining centres way up in Western Australia would be like working on another planet.
We got about a foot between all day Thursday into Friday morning, the sun was out nice and bright , but man it was cold ! I was snow blowing and shoveling for a few hours and I kept having to get in my truck to thaw my hands out ! Brutal!

was like -10 with the wind chill yesterday, spent most of the day shoveling the 8 or so inches we got, was hard to tell cause of all the drifting snow.  Got right back to business though got a pork but going right now.  I don't the path on the right in the picture it is one to my smoker. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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