How to Smoke 8lbs Pork butt on Weber 22'' Kettle

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    After watching endless Youtube videos and reading online I felt that no one had really addressed how to smoke a Pork Butt on the Weber Kettle. I have tried indirect methods and side mounted gadgets but the Weber kettle is so small indirect IMO can't be achieved. The best results were with the Weber Charcoal separators with the Weber hinged grate and two pans of water. In addition the Maverick ET 732 and Dome gauge were used. Here's what I did if you want to try I works very well. Don't fill the holders all the way fill them both about 30% full with unlit coals then add 5-6 white hot coals to each side. I don't go over 50% full on the holders as the temp gets well over 300 if you do. I put one pan of water in the middle between the two holders and then one on top over one of the hinged grates as well. I alternate the top water pan as I add coals throughout the entire smoke from one side to the other. So once the coals burn down add another 7-10 white hot coals to both sides and slide the water pan over the other grate. Just alternate the pan from grate to grate and keep the bottom pan where it is. Also keep the dome air vent in the middle NOT over either of the charcoal holder. I add pre soaked wood chips as needed. A dome gauge won't do you much good as mine was reading 300 degrees but the BBQ probe showed 261. The dome gauge was calibrated using boiling water but the Weber Kettle really needs to be monitored at the grate level as with any cooker. I was able to maintain a cook temp between 225 and 250 and only used one medium bag of Kingsford and what's pretty amazing is that the Butt was done under 9 hours. This was the fastest cook time I've ever had on my Weber and can only thank the Maverick and really trusting the BBQ temp vs the Dome temp. I drilled a small hole to thread the probes through don't suggest you close the lid on them also used heat shrink to seal the area where the probe wire goes into the probe.
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    Good tutorial... One suggestion I'd add would be stay away from soaked wood chips and use small wood chunks.
  3. Looks like you have it going your way.

    Thanks for sharing.

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    I'll give them a try.
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    Please post pictures as you go along!

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  7. Nice tutorial! 

    I see you recently joined, would you mind dropping by Roll Call  to introduce yourself, so we can give you a proper SMF welcome!

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