How To Saber Champagne! (Paired with smoked oysters and clams)!!

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A real food channel quality video Leah. The kitty cat ears was a nice touch! Lots of fun! Cheers B
Yeah I just watched this today and really enjoyed it. I never realized that the bottle is "breaking" when this is done. Always thought it was just the cork that was flying out.
Ha! I wondered what happened to that. Good thing one of your dogs didn't get to it first.

My wife likes plain ol' Tosti Asti, and I always wondered why the glass bottle had that little dimple on the front at the base of the neck. Now that you're video has taught me to look for the seam in the glass, I know that the dimple is the perfect spot to place your thumb when sabering. Can't wait to try this out! Thanks again.
My pleasure!

Any heavy knife (blunt side) will work pretty well, and following the seam of really cold bubbly.

Have fun! (Hopefully you have more land between you and your neighbors). Smiles.

Yes here is a big CHEERS to that!!!! - Leah
Ah yes the French.I have seen this done elsewhere not always well

I love that French art deco period & its classic advertising so I stuck this in here.

Its not a great photo getting reflection off the glass.

The way to sell chemicals to control mildew & black rot in your vineyard in 1905 was a buxom maiden with a wardrobe malfunction. Works for me 
.There are some things the French just do with a certain flair. And somethings they suck at but lets move on.

Its an original litho rebacked onto canvas. 4ft x 2 ft It hangs next to  the wall mount corkscrew & bar .
Yes Mick, from duck presses, to sabers, to some things indeed, the French DO do it damn well! Great post from you - thank you tons!

Speaking of such things, how is our LGHT friend and his Christmas pressing meal going????? (I'll have to go hunt around in threads).

Cheers and happy December!!!!!!!! - Leah
Happy Thursday Great Fabulous Smoked Cookies!

Somebody asked me privately if it matters whether the Champagne bottle's glass is green, clear, or black, etc...

No, it does not. Sabering may still be done. (Though it is MIGHTY hard to SEE the "seam," which is what you need to follow to properly open it up with your sword, when the glass is clear, and sometimes even on various brands of bubbly where the seem isn't all that pronounced regardless of the glass's color).

However, you CAN do this, with any cold bottle of Champagne and with a heavy KITCHEN KNIFE at home, (using the blunt side only, as I explain in the video posted some weeks back in this thread), and so here's some extra photos of some random sabering times, as to show you different glass etc., and it done with a saber and with a knife. Both do work!

Therefore, with New Year's right around the corner, you CAN easily do this if you wish, with your tool of choice (professional Champagne saber or kitchen knife) and with whichever brand and color of glass you choose, as well. So have some fun!

Hopefully this helps...

Cheers! - Leah

Well thank you Humdinger! My pleasure.

If this little "trick" may brighten anyone's holiday season some, and/or they can add it into their festivities and enjoy it so; then fabulous!!!!!!!!!

Meanwhile, Happy Thursday!!!!!!!!! Cheers! - Leah is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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