how to keep smoke going overnight

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by jbomx363, Jun 18, 2013.

  1. Did a search on overnight smoking and didn't see my answer.

    If you must do a smoke overnight and don't want to stay up..

    How do you keep the smoke going whilst you sleep?

    Assuming you don't have a stand alone smoke generator.

    I tried the last time to wait til 140IT and put on a couple chunks before sleeping.

    But what is the tried and true method? I'm afraid to put on too many chunks and get the devilish white smoke. I spose I could get up every 2-3hrs and throw more chunks in the pan.

    Using a MB XL.
  2. I have the same smoker.  I have read many posts about the Amazen Tube Smoker, but can't get a call back from the company.

    Good luck and keep us posted. 
  3. Order an AMNPS and pellets from Todd. It will give you almost 12 hrs. of perfect smoke.
  4. Hey Rubbin', is it OK to use the AMNPS with a gasser?
  5. I don't wish to buy an amazn smoker. Is there no other way to smoke through the night..and sleep too?
  6. mossymo

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    A AMNTS (tube smoker) will work much better in a propane grill. The tube operates better with less oxygen than the (AMNPS5X8) maze smoker and also if your using the maze at grilling temps the smoldering coals tend to jump rows and burn up the pellets which doesn't happen with the tube.

    Set an alarm clock to wake you so you can add more chunks of wood, then back to sleep...
  7. I use mine with a gas burner and electric.

    Never had a problem with jumping rows or not enough oxygen for both the gas and the AMNPS. Guess it is understanding how to use it properly. Tube smoker also works well, just a matter of personal preference.
  8. mossymo

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    You may be right, I may have to learn more about it...
  9. Hey Mossy, Was not referring to your knowledge of the AMNPS, only meant that he needs to understand the air flow if he uses it in a gas burner or any other for that matter, but more critical in the gasser.

    Funny how one persons thoughts when put into type can offend someone else, but seriously it was not meant that way.
  10. The way I look at it, a few bucks for an AMNPS is worth a good nights sleep (and the thing just produces the best smoke out there regardless). I use mine in a gas smoker, and it's wonderful - top it off at 10pm, and I have until 8-9am to add pellets. Can't beat that...

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