How much wood to use?

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  1. I own a cookshack SM045 and I'm always in the dark about 1) amount of wood chunks to use / meat type and weight, and 2) whether it is ok to open the door of this sealed (electric) cookbox to baste meat periodically.  Cookshack's claim is never use more than 6 oz of wood and never open the door, yet some of their recipes call for 10 oz of wood.  Any guidelines to use?
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    TimTown , hello . I bumped this one for you .

    Gotta be some Cookshack owners out there ,  I have a stickburner and am not familiar with you unit.

    Hang on and . . .
  3. I recently purchased a Cookshack 025 so I am just learning myself.  One thing I can say is that 2 oz is too much for a whole chicken in my opinion.  4oz was good for a 6 lb pork butt.  I think I used 3 oz for 4 slabs of baby back ribs and that was good.

    That is all that I have experimented with so far.  I think you have to try something out and see how it goes.  I don't open the door hardly ever, but I have before.

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    You will have to experiment, keep good notes on the amount, species and cut of the wood being used, color and density of the smoke and the time smoke is applied.

    Having two Cookshacks, 066, 002, I find that a 2oz. chunk is enough for a 4lb. chicken.

    Mr. T

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