How long will food last vacuumed?

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Jun 23, 2012
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Is there a typical rule of thumb regarding how long will hot smoked food last if vacuumed and fridged (not in freezer)?   For me, it would normally be referring to smoked Salmon.

when i do a full packer brisket, I vac the rest in dinner size portions, and they stays Primo, without and graying for almost 2 yrs
2 years in the fridge?
 He didn't say he was going to eat it, probably keep it forever if the bag stays sealed.  

I think he meant in the freezer.  I trust my fridge a lot, I would go easily a week, I would bet on two but I would definitely do the smell and touch test if that long.  
sorry No, The Freezer, then when you are in the mood for a snack, take it out and keep in frig for a day(slow defrost) and it will be just like you cooked it...If you want to frig it Most say about (+/-) 2 wks...ish..if you start to see and milky film or liquid.....PITCH IT
When I store cooked foods in the fridge, I plan on using it within a weeks time. If it doesn't get used-it gets tossed. I pay too much money for my food vac bags to just toss. I use them for freezer use only and use ziptop bags for fridge storage. YMMV~
Reason why I'm asking is that I'll be smoking more fish this weekend and plan to give most of it away the following weekend, thus why I am asking.  Typically I always freeze all meats I've vacuumed the day of or after I have smoked.

I've read 2 to 3 yrs in the freezer. learning from experience vacuuming sausage and refrigerating it.... 2 months.  After 2 months It will start to get slimey and when its cooked you will see a white specks on the casing.....
same here Butch, Its just me myself & I , so when I do a smoke, it usally is a 8lb Butt , whole packer, and 5-7 BBribs, and I vac the whole lot...for Hibernation seasons..
I do salmon/steelhead all the time. questions; did you brine/ that will give you a good say 3 weeks or so. cold smoked even longer. hot smoked 225ish and not brined week at best. its not gonna be harmful but your flavs are gonna start to be off after about a week no matter what you do. I try to freeze it fresh and smoke when im in the mood for it. always better hot out of the smoker, my girls destroy it in about 10 mins. but if your giving it away they will be happy to get what they can!! never heard anyone gripe about free smoked salmon.good luck and happy smokin
Yes, I brine/smoke/dehydrate my Salmon Jerky.   Still went ahead and vacuumed and freeze what I did this past weekend.  Otherwise, the family would have probably wolfed the whole batch.
exactly, gotta hide it in the back of the freezer under the year old fried cabbage. I think they can smell it through the dang freezer door
As far as safety frozen food last forever. Quality goes down hill at varying times for diff. foods. Lean meat or fish taste better longer then fattier types. Vacuum packed last longer then not. Personal tastes vary, one man might think 6 month old frozen trout taste fine and the next guy thinks it's too fishy. How ever once you see freezer burn you know you've held that food way too long so use sooner next time. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.