How do you spray butter from a spray bottle???

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Jun 14, 2006
I was trying to do this when making blackened salmon but the butter didn't seem to be coming out too well.

I know I have seen people on here say they do this.

Do you have to mix the butter with water or something?

I had it coming out but only in a stream. I couldn't get the bottle to spray.

Then as soon as the butter was washed out, it sprayed fine with water again. So it wasn't the bottle.

I figure I'm doing something wrong :roll:

maybe they use the stuff you get in the store already in the spray bottle. im sure its not real butter but it still tastes good. i drin.....use it all the time.

or when im cheep i will just glob some with my fingers and rub it all over the foil and just tell people i sprayed it to sound cool.
Doug, plain melted butter will clog your spray nozzle because of the milk solids that is in it. Clarified Butter (or Drawn Butter) has the milks solids removed. If you have a pound of butter and a few minutes time, you can do your own.
Check out this link for making Clarified Butter.
It's some where between difficult and impossible to get most spray bottle type rigs to "spray" (in a wide mist like pattern) oil based liquids.

I have a 1 1/2 qt pressurized garden sprayer that will give a decent pattern to mixtures with oil in them, although I've never tried straight butter.

It does take a substantial amount of product to make this kind of sprayer work, but is a very reliable sprayer when you need it.
Thanks for the link Scott.

I've been meaning to buy one, as my Home Despot spray bottle is conking out on me

Filling up the LP at Ace this weekend anyway. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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