How did you come up with your screen name?

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  1. Hi smokingGorilla I live 30 miles from pitt
  2. smoking stro

    smoking stro Newbie

    Mine is a nickname from my last name. St.Romain ,shorten = Smoking Stro.
  3. My nickname came about in 1998 I painted my chevy truck corvette yellow with black trim. I called it KILLER"B" and it had a 468 ci big block in it. My last name is Maskill, if you mass kill your a KILLER and my first name is Bill "B"
  4. ponhaus

    ponhaus Newbie

    "Ponhaus", a german name for what many of you would call:"scrapple" It's a family traditional dish.  Look it up.  It's a great dish 
  5. My Air Force (73-93) specialty code was 462x0 (aircraft armament). It's since been changed to 2w1x0 ... So, 462's are a thing of the past..... The old part, has been mentioned before - I looked in the mirror! Seems hard to believe I spent 20yrs in the AF and been retired nearly 20yrs. Looking to retire for good in a few yrs! Guess that's another "Old" qualifier!
  6. Thanks for your service! I too am a 462, was a 61 (Ammo!) For 3 years at the beginning. I'm was a 3 man for 16's. Smoke on bro!
  7. bearcarver

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  8. noclue

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    My nickname is NoClue... really, I have no clue what I'm doing most of the time :)
  10. loopie

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    Born in Kamloops. Spent a few yrs away here and there...but I'm a Local thru and thru.

    Derek...a.k.a. Loopie
  11. viciousgolden

    viciousgolden Fire Starter

    I used to brew beer, and I named it Vicious Golden Brewery, after my dog.  I no longer make beer and decided to channel that energy and wizardry into smoking meat.  Vicious Golden Grillery was born.  Although, I'm thinking about making it Vicious Golden Smokehouse.  lol
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  12. sknabnoj

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    Mine is just my name spelled backwards... Very simple but, few people recognize it off the bat. sknabnoj - jonbanks. Love it.
  13. retired preacher...don't hold it against me
  14. retired professional trombone player..........[​IMG]   
  15. I am an amateur Magician.  Have been a member of the International Brotherhood of Magicians for 21 years.  Needed a unique "name" when this whole internet thing started and that just fit the combination of letters that was required then.  

  16. mbrecon

    mbrecon Newbie

    When I was younger ;) a group of us used to mountain bike in Austin, TX twice a week.  We all got nicknames after a while based on our riding abilities or lack of.  MB Recon is mountain bike recon since I was mostly upfront yelling out trail conditions.  Other names were LumberJack (he hit a lot of trees (think of the Monty Python song)), Wrong Way (on a one way trail, he some how came right at me head on), Pit Stop (he always had some kind of mechanical issue taking away from ride time.  The other thing we started was cheap beer Thursday.  On your day, you had to find some cheap beer to bring for after the hot rides in the summer.  Man I miss those days!

    MB Recon...out
  17. holysmokes2

    holysmokes2 Newbie

    holysmokes2 here.  My grandson tasted my smoked turkey breast once and said, "holy smokes, papa, this is awesome".  Term stuck, who knows what goes thru a 4 year old's mind except food.  Smoking up some Polish sausage with hickory and applewood. first try on my new Masterbuilt 30.  Definitely a step up from my Little Chief .  
  18. My name is Charlie. On occasion I used to get a hard time about the old Chicken of the Sea commercials. A long time ago I just gave up and decided to go with it.  So my Fantasy Baseball team of 28 years has been Charlie's Tunas.  My boat name is Big Tuna.  So don't mess with me.  Understand?  lol.
  19. richjt92

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    No creativity on my and initials and the year I graduated from College...

    Simple...and easy to remember for me...

    Gig 'Em Aggies!!!

  20. kajunkue

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    Kajunkue is pretty simple.

    Being from New Orleans made the first part real easy Kajun.  Yes with a K because my whole family has names that begin with a K.

    Kue is from my days of trying build pool cues.  I'm a better cooker than cue builder.

    Why not combine the things I enjoy most.

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