How did you come up with your screen name?

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    I like to fish for striped bass on Lake Martin, AL. I was a guide for a few years, but it got to be too much - between my regular job and guiding I was working 7 days a week even on holidays. I still love to fish for stripers, but now I just do it for myself, family and friends. BTW, smoked striper is great.
  2. I was born in 1971 hence the (71) I have lived in Colorado and skied in Colorado since 1978 and all of my best days, minus marriage, kids and important things have been on my skiis on the rocky mountain snow. It never leaves me, snowdog 71. (Rick)
  3. Mine comes from my competition days. It was the name of my team when competing in BBQ competitions here in California. I was the BBQ pit-master, my wife helped with prep, my buddy was the charcoal separator and taster, (yes I was somewhat anal and separated my lump coal into like sizes) and his wife was the money. 
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    Mine has really nothing to do with nicknames or anything. Just had to think of something when I
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  5. Hi Guys...I grew up in the Chevy Chase "Fletch" Movie when he slicks his hair back, puts in the fake teeth, and acts like the airport mechanic/inspector--G. Gordon Liddy--the other mechanics say to him..."Uh, Gordo? The 7th Fetzer Valve is back here?!?"  Of course, Fletch has no idea what he's looking at and says..."Don't tell me my business, Boy!!!  I'm just checking the luggage!!"    

    Soooooo.....I was trying to come up with an internet name and everything I typed in would come back "taken" I entered "uhgordo" and it here I am!!!  Just checking the luggage!!!!

    Great thread, Dear Meat!!

    Smoke On!!!
  6. Evidently back in my partying days my friends thought I was like John Blutarsky, so I've been known as Bluto to them ever since. I'm much more civilized now. :)
  7. chiefwej

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    Profession = I spent 40 years as a Firefighter, finishing my career as Fire Chief. Thus Chief
    Initials= W.E.J.

    So, chiefwej
  8. My first choice was Bimmerknut, but that was already taken. Bimmer is a slang term for the BMW automobile. Not to be confused with Beemer which is the slang term for the BMW motorcycle. Not a lot of folks know this. Anyway, one of my enthusiastic passions is restoring my daily driver which is a 1978 BMW 320i sport edition. I've owned it since 2004 and am in the current process of engine rebuild, fuel tank swap, upgrade to 5-speed transmission and replacement of front and rear drums and rotors. Yeah, my thread are bit windy. I'm a 59-year old disabled college student at Missouri State in my senior year as a Creative Writing major. Sorry, It just comes with the territory!
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    Mine is a tribute to the late blues great Howlin Wolf. I normally have some blues playing while I tend to the pit so it seemed to be a good fit.
  10. Thanks for your service, Blackhawk. My Screen was just as easy  there was an ad on the page that said meat (Injector)
  11. I fish a lot hence get into trouble a lot by coming home late. My usual excuse was just trying to make one Last Cast. It's also the name of my boat
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  12. Well mine is easy... I love to smoke and my initials are DR. Been called Doc most of my life!
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    Man from U.N.C.L.E.

    It was an old tv show spoofing the other popular spy shows and movies. The lead character was Napoleon Solo played by Robert Vaughn. Used to be on Friday nights when I was around 10 years old and I NEVER missed it.  I'd sit in front of the tv with my Man from UNCLE cap gun (complete with silencer, scope and removable stock) and my UNCLE ID badge. I believe that today they call such kids nerds.

    Anyway, U.N.C.L.E. was an acronym that stood for:

    United Network Command for Law and Enforcement
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    I had to come up with something when I joined, so I chose "kemuir" (Japanese for smoke) because I like the sound of it.
  15. chiefwej

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    Mine is an 03 540i/6 speed M-tech. You'll find me on the e39 section of the BMW forums.
    chiefwej - BMWCCA #A359691
  16. I was trying to come up with a screen name back in the early years of *NIX internet access and everything I tried was taken. Inspiration came to me in the form of my truck license plate A14711B.

    I tried it and it worked. I have been using it for well over 20 years now
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    I would have guessed that yours had something to do with Army, because "11b" is the MOS code for Infantry.

  18. 173rdherd

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    a GREAT 70....BB KIngs Bluesville on the Sirius!
  19. Mine is pretty simple it is where I work "Fort Dodge Correctional Facility"
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    Well, in the military I move a great deal, but Alaska (AK) has been my favorite by far! Wolverine is my favorite comic book character and I like to think I can be as mean as one of you try to take my (insert cut of pig)! :)

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