Hot and fast Brisket

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Aug 23, 2021
Okay want to do a Harry Soo hot and fast on my mini, my question is should I leave out the terra cotta disk and just use the tamale insert?

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yup, no comprende. what is all this you speak of?

I run my briskets at 275.
I'm not sure how you start your fire ... But I would try first to lite more coals (and let them get white) before dumping them in on the unlit coals... Myself.. I only lite about 6-10 briquettes ... and then only let them get half lit before dumping them in (for normal start up) ...

Try without removing you baffles first with more lit briquettes ... If it won't come up or stay at the temp your looking for... then just dismantle and remove the baffles (terra cotta disk/tamale insert) ...
The wanting to do a Harry Soo threw me, so I checked it out. He's a competition cooker who basically follows the same guidelines most of us already do for brisket.
The terra cotta disk and tamale insert would be a question for WSM owners, which I'm not.
Hopefully someone can answer his questions.
OH! you used a 14" WSM for years - I missed the thread category. I would run it with the terracotta disk or water bowl dry (wrapped in foil). Not familiar with the tamale insert??

JckDanls 07 JckDanls 07 has good advice on the minion start up and such for a longer brisket cook. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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