Homemade Red Pozole

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John , that's awesome . As good as I know it was without it , I bet the hominy really puts it over the top .
I need to do a practice run with the sauce from dried chilis .
Thank you sir.
I actually dropped my game when it comes to the Hominy, I used canned stuff and washed it well to get the can flavor off it.
But washing well, then drying and finally lightly toasting on a sheet pan in the oven till the edges are golden is the way to do it.

I did up my game on the chile sauce.
I don't normally use whole dried chile pods, normally I use powdered chiles.
If you're going to use dried pods make sure they're not old. Buy from a Mexican mercado not a brand name grocery store, unless they've a large Hispanic clientele so such items don't stagnate on the shelf.

Note about toasting chiles, it takes mere seconds to turn the sugars in them from yum to yuck, sweet to bitter. Hot skillet, just warm them, no more than 20-30 seconds per side.
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