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Homemade Deep Dish Pizza on the Grill (HEAVY Q'View)

Smokin' in AZ

Master of the Pit
Joined Jul 13, 2019
That looks perfect, John! Gooey is the best way to have deep dish pizza. The edges look just crispy enough too. Excellent! Thanks for sharing and enjoy.

Thanks Mike for the like and nice comments.

I love the pizza John. It looks delicious
Thanks Texoma for the like kind words.
Sorry I think I missed one of your cooks....need to go find it.

Nice. Looks yummy. I bought a pan couple weeks ago for Detroit pizza but have yet to try. Been trying to get blood sugar down. Maybe not trying hard enough.
Thanks Brian. When you go for it post it for me!

Awesome looking pizza John it looks delicious!!

I’ll take a corner piece please!

Thanks for the like Joe!

Sorry Sue goes for the corners right away....I am OK with the middle pieces.

Hell yeah John. That pizza looks awesome man! Love the crispy edges! Licking my screen doesn't quite do it justice. Big like buddy!
Thanks for the like John!

Hey remember yours are pretty nice too....so when do we start the pizza joint and where?


Smokin' in AZ

Master of the Pit
Joined Jul 13, 2019
Looks real good. Corner piece for me as well....if xray didn't hog it all
Thanks Jake, and you and Joe both missed out on the corners....Sue got them :emoji_laughing:

Lol! I counted two corners left. That’s one for each of us. The snoozers get the middle.
Joe, you need to faster than Sue.....

That is one of your best so far! Big like!
Thanks for the like Steve, and nice comment, appreciate it brother!

Oh my God John!! That is nothing short of amazing!! Holy smoke that looks good, and I won't complain if I get the center or a corner. I'd be thrilled to get either. Great work buddy!! You're sure taking pizza to entirely new levels. Keep it up and you'll own a pizza empire....even if they are just for you and Sue :emoji_laughing:

Big LIKE!!
Thanks for the like Robert, and I am still waiting for SmokinVol and Steve to help me get the place setup.....


Smokin' in AZ

Master of the Pit
Joined Jul 13, 2019
Good looking pie, I've been messing with Chicago style in the oven, may try to jump to the grill at some point soon
Thanks for the like, and post that pizza up when you do it on the grill.

Well I guess I was to late! Between @xray and @TNJAKE. taking the edges and @tx smoker finishing out the center I'll have to settle for crumbs and licking the pan! Nice cook John! Love the double layer of meat and the choice of veggies. I just told the wife ive been craving pizza. Id like to try making a good dough and letting it cold ferment. Thanks for making me hungry! LIKE!
Thank you for the like Travis! And thanks for the nice comment. Post it up when you do.

Most excellent looking pie John, I'll take whatever is left over.

Point for sure
Thanks for the like Chris, you will have to wait for the next one as we wolfed the rest the next day for lunch. :emoji_laughing:

OMG---My Kind of Pizza!!
Nice Job, John!!
Love it!!

Thanks for the like Bear, and nice comments. And it was really good, even Sue liked it and she only likes thin crust. I think the cold proofing made a difference.


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