Homemade Crunchy Brownies

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  1. Here is the recipe for the homemade crunchy brownies I made to go along with one of my recent smokes.

    There isn't much you will need as these are really easy to make - this is what you need to gather up...

    Ingredients for your favorite from scratch brownie recipe - you can cheat & use a store bought mix if absolutely necessary

    A couple handfuls of small pretzels

    Caramel - I always make mine as needed but once again you can cheat with store bought if need be

    A little bit of coarse salt

    A baking pan - I use a 9 x 13

    Start by preheating your oven to 350* & putting a layer or two of pretzels in your baking pan - I usually go with two.

    Add your ingredients for the brownies, mix them up

    & pour the brownie mix over the pretzels. Put them in the oven & bake for 1/2 hour or so until they are done. They may take a bit longer with the pretzels - use a toothpick to test for doneness.

    When they are done take them out to cool

    & start making your caramel - if you are using store bought caramel skip this step.

    Caramel just getting finished.

    When the brownies have cooled pour the caramel over the top of them.

    & sprinkle lightly with coarse salt - I used a coarse Mediterranean sea salt.

    & there you have it - you just made some crunchy brownies  [​IMG]
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  2. chef willie

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    Interesting.....I like pretzles, like brownies and like caramel...YUM!!
  3. That is one I will have to make. That looks amazing

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  4. Give them a try - they are really easy & I bet you like them...
  5. seenred

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    Holy cow Jeremy...that looks incredible!  I've been trying to lose some weight, and your desert Qviews ain't helpin any...[​IMG]

  6. Thanks Red  [​IMG]   They're a nice snack & I really hate to do this to ya but I forgot to post pics of some once they were cut...

    Yumm yumm  [​IMG]

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