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    Yesterday I tried to boil salami cotto for the first time. However, I came across a problem. I tried to measure the internal temp with my probe, I pierced the high barrier casing and all the juices started to come out. I tried to wrap it back up with plastic wrap but it work out too well and all the fat came out and water got into the salami.

    I'm going to give it ago again today.

    What is the best way to test the temp without piercing the casing?
  2. A thought could be to have it pierced the whole time before you put it in? That way, the pierce casing can tighten up as it cooks and form a sort of seal?
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    Insert the probe then place the salami into the water and leave the probe in the salami?
  4. It's just a thought. Now that I think of it more, I know a lot of probes aren't water tight, so you might have an issue there.
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    Back to the drawing board!

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