Hickory Smoked Portuguese Linguica

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papa chops

Smoke Blower
Original poster
Mar 10, 2013
Modesto California
Ive been working on this Linguica for about 3 days now. I ground and knife cut my shoulder. The shoulder btw was farm raised, slaughtered by my brother inlaw the same day I picked it up. farm to table. I robbed a few different recipe's here and there. It turned out pretty d@mn good. Used about 5 1/2 lb lean to 2 lb fat. 1 1/2 T marjoram, 1 1/2 T white pepper, 1 T cayenne, 2 1/2 T Paprika, 1/2 T allspice, 1/4c red wine vin, 1/2c red moscato wine, 3T salt, 1T Annato, 1/2T sugar, 1/4 c nonfat powder milk, 1 1/8 instacure#1. I let them hang cure over night and let them dry out. started them off at 130 deg. for about an hour, then bumped em up to 150, then 165, then finished them off at 180. good spice.I might have to bump the powdered milk to 1/2 c next time. Thanks for lookin. 

sorry pics are a little out of order. After smoking them with hickory chips I water bathed them then dried and let them bloom over night.
Wow that looks great very nice job.
   Merry Christmas
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