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Hickory pellet burrito

Joined May 8, 2021
Hello all, brand new to the forum and currently looking into building my first smoker. Its a budget build, using two aluminum foil pans with bulldog clips, nothing fancy. According to the post, i am to take the hickory pellets, wrap them into heavy duty foil to essentially make a 'burrito.' Now it doesnt go into detail as to how many pellets to use, and i am aware that it probably depends on how much meat i would be smoking and for how long. I dont have anything specific in mind at the moment (most likely pork butt and ribs). I dont wanna torch up a pellet burrito onpy to have it all burn out in half an hour. So i was hoping to maybe get a general idea from anyone in the know. Any tips are greatly appreciated and thank you for your time in advance!!

kilo charlie

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Make a pouch rather than a burrito and poke just a few holes in it and it'll last for a few hours - this method can also be used on a gas grill etc.


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Welcome to the site, are you talking about using the pouch to cook the food with? if you are it wont work, you wont get enuf heat to cook a hot dog much less a rack of ribs. the pouch is only to give smoke flavor and nothing sez ya cant put another 1 in the grill when 1 runs out, unless I am reading this wrong you will need to stick the contraption in a oven or grill but the wife will be mad when she finds out lol
Joined May 8, 2021
Pouvh rather than a burrito, gotcha.

But im still wondering exactly how much hickory pellet i should put in a pouch?


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They always burn very quickly for me, no matter the shape, when placed on the coals. Wetting into pulp before making a log/pouch helps a little.

I'm really curious as to what your smoker is going to be like; Any links/pics you can share?
Joined May 8, 2021
I see.

Its just gonna be two aluminum baking pans, some bulldog clips, a couple holes, a rack and a few bricks lol. Nothin too involved or fancy. I just dont have the money for anything more right now.


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Check Craigslist, if you're handy there are lots of people giving away smokers. Any questions you have about one of them, someone here could help you with. Hell people here could help you turn a non working fridge into a damn good smoker!
Joined May 8, 2021
Thats the great thing about smokers! And a fridge smoker sounds like an excellent idea especially when you have a lot of folks to feed!!

This is something ive been meaning to try to for years and just wanted to start out with something simple. But yes, im glad to have discovered the site, i know for sure theres a lot of bbq talent here, and Im humbled to be here!!

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