Hickory and Mesquite Chips for Smokers?

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Original poster
Sep 23, 2006

I just purchased a new gas smoker. Here is a link: http://www.walmart.com/catalog/product.d...

It is a Great Outdoors Grill Co. 34" Wide Body Smoky Mountain Gas Smoker. I cooked a chincken for dinner tonight and it was so good! I used box full of soaked mesquite wood chips and the chicken turned out super moist and tasty. Anyhow, tomorrow I will be smoking Beef Back Ribs, Chicken, and a Tri Tip for some friends. I was thinking about using one box of soaked mesquite wood, then when that burns out using a box of soak hickery wood. Does anyone advise against it? I just dont want to ruin the food by over smoking or just using a bad combination of flavors. Opinons greatly appreciated.

By the way, the chicken turned out great because of this websites help. Thank You all, I'll be sure to let you know how tomorrows meal turns out!
Hi Coop, When I do chicken I would use fruit woods, Apple, cherry, peach or anyother type of fruit wood.. I think mesquite is a little to strong for my taste for chicken, I rarely use mesquite on any of my other meats. But that's all a matter of taste. I usually use Hickory and an oak mixture .. 2 parts oak , 1 part hickory .. If I were going to do many differnt meats at the same time mixing chicken and ribs .. I would use 2 parts apple or anyother fruit wood to 1 part oak. again, just a matter of taste.. I don't soak my chips or chunks of wood ... just my 2 cents

yo coop dude ,
it all goes back to personel taste.

and if you can get the wood.

im on a very tight budget.
and i get 2 lb bags for a buck thirty.
hickory-mesquite- an apple chips are at local grocers.

i like mesquite for beef and chicken.
[i picked that up in texas]

i like my pork and turkey with hickory.

i have tasted stuff smoked with oak.
its good.

i have tasted stuffed smoked wuth pecan.
its real good.

i bougt some cherry wood at 3 lbs for a dollar.
i haven't sawed it up into slices or chips yet.
i hope this helps
Wood choice is mostly a matter of personal preference. I like fruit wood on chicken and most beef, hickory on pork, and mesquite on brisket.

You will find your personal favorite through experimentation.

Relax and enjoy each smoke.


Howdy Coop, as the guys said, wood flavor is all about personal taste, what kind and how much.

Personally, I prefer pecan and apple.

Unless you like strong wood smoke flavor, you should use mesquite sparingly as it is among the heavier flavored woods.
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