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Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by geoffchef, Sep 21, 2015.

  1. New guy here. Got a birthday coming up and have requested Cabela's GCs toward a new smoker. I also hang out on the "Cook's Talk Classic" Delphi forum, and one of the good folks over there suggested I come here for good advice, recipes and so on.

    I have an old cheapo sidebox unit which works fine as a charcoal grill, (I live in a high wind area north of Winnipeg, and sometimes the Weber gas unit won't stay lit) but is a total pain to try and control temperature on for smoking. I've been reading some of the posts here about the electric units available at Cabela's, which is the only place around here that has more than one smoker, and it appears most of you favour the Masterbuilt over the Bradley.

    So I'm hoping you can help me decide on a couple of things. Do I want to bother with Bluetooth control? Do I want a window? Are there any accessories I really need?

    I'm sure I will have lots of other questions and I look forward to "meeting" some of you and learning from you
  2. smokin phil

    smokin phil Smoking Fanatic

    Window is generally useless. After a few minutes of smoke, you can't see through it anyway. Bluetooth... Ok, but only to about 30-40 feet. I suggest the Masterbuilt. I have one, they rock. Get an AMNPTS too, you won't regret it. A good Thermometer, and you're all set!
  3. Thanks Phil. What is an AMNPTS? Doesn't show up in Cabela's catalog in print or online. I'm getting the feeling that Canadian sources for accessories are going to be scarce.
  4. rabbithutch

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    Check out the products at Todd Johnson's place .

    I think Smokin' Phil was suggesting the tube smoker. I have both the tube smoker and the pellet tray.

    If you have questions, just email Todd. He is a sponsor here and often responds to posts. He is a great guy and gives the very best customer service.
  5. smokin phil

    smokin phil Smoking Fanatic

    I use a 12" tube smoker. If you have trouble getting it, let me know. We'll figure something out.

    Todd's a great guy, a sponsor on this site, and a boon to the smoking community. He has great stuff, and he'll work with you on the phone if you're having problems. He's pretty much ALWAYS available.
  6. Thanks Rabbithutch. Once I get my smoker and play with it a little I will revisit this. Birthday's Friday, but I won't have time to shop until the following weekend.
  7. Good to know, thanks Phil.

    Is it getting chilly in Illinois yet?
  8. smokin phil

    smokin phil Smoking Fanatic

    51F right now. Cold enough for cold smoking bacon!
  9. [​IMG]   Good evening and welcome to the forum, from a pretty nice day here in East Texas, and the best site on the web. Lots of great people with tons of information on just about  everything.

  10. Thanks for the welcome Gary, I know it's true what they say about Southern hospitality.

    I mentioned earlier that people here seem to prefer the MES to the Bradley; is that strictly because of the Bisquette system? Is it possible to circumvent that and use the tube feeder with the Bradley? I ask because the fact that the Bradley is Canadian made is, naturally, attractive to me.
  11. smokin phil

    smokin phil Smoking Fanatic

    First off, never owned a Bradley, never used a Bradley. The main complaint I've heard of with them is the puck feeding. I've HEARD they can jam up. You're also limited to the pucks made by Bradley. Other than that, for a "set and forget" I hear it's a pretty decent one.
  12. Went to Cabela's today, poked around, hemmed and hawed, talked to a couple of guys and finally went for ... wait for it ... the Bradley!

    The second guy I talked to owns both and prefers the Bradley for the following reasons:

    1. Analog control. If the digital control unit fails it's big bucks to replace on either the Brad or the MES. With this thing it's a $10 potentiometer.
    2. Elements - 2 of them, one for the bisquette burner and one for heating the box. Both easily and cheaply replaceable, and you can leave the box burner unplugged, put in a pan of ice and cold smoke with no additional attachments.

    3. Attachments. If you cold smoke a lot there is an attachment for that.

    4. Space. It's a little roomier inside than the 30" MES.

    I had almost talked myself into the 40" MES with Bluetooth for $120 more than the Bradley, but I would honestly need all that cooking room about twice a decade. So I stopped at my favourite cooking store on the way home and bought a Bluetooth meat probe thermometer, which I gave its maiden voyage in a pork tenderloin smoked on the old offset while I seasoned the Brad.

    Now I won't have time to smoke anything in the new unit until the weekend - can't wait!

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