Help with new smoker

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Feb 5, 2014
[ATTACHMENT=1145][ATTACHMENT=1146]image.jpg (780k. jpg file)[/ATTACHMENT][/ATTACHMENT][ATTACHMENT=1140][ATTACHMENT=1141][ATTACHMENT=1142][ATTACHMENT=1143][ATTACHMENT=1144]image.jpg (814k. jpg file)[/ATTACHMENT][/ATTACHMENT][/ATTACHMENT][/ATTACHMENT][/ATTACHMENT]. I have recently built a smoker and am looking for advice on heat and smoke source for it. The dimensions are 3 ft wide 3 ft deep and 6 ft tall. I live in northwest Montana and it tends to get damn cold. I plan on smoking fish and all other types of meats all year long. I have attached some photos above. Any advice will help thank you!
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Sorry, not much help on the question your askin, but a bunch of folks on here do know and I'am sure will be around soon to help ya out. But did wanna say nice smoker :grilling_smilie: , nice job on your building it Thumbs Up. You'll for sure be smokin some good stuff in that. Again, nice job ! WHB
Nice build if it gets that cold there I would put some insl. onthe side walls cover the inslation with concert board . Heating the smoker with propane . One of the single round burners with two rings of fire. If the small  burner isn't enough then light the larger burner.Good luck my freind
Thanks for the input. How cold does it have to get outside before you would consider insulating it? Because it gets pretty hot here in the summer time as well and if I were to want to cold smoke something in the summer time an insulated smokehouse wouldn't be ideal correct? Idk I'm new at this. I just want to do this build right so I don't have to redo it after complete. Thank you
Insulation works both ways...keep heat in during winter and heat out during the summer. Cold smoke in the heat of summer is tricky. Most guys use ice frozen jugs to keep temp low. Check out Amazing pellet smoker for a generator. No \ low heat bit lots of good smoke. Todd is a sponsor here and makes a great product.

Good luck and welcome to SMF!

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