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Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by ryanolson72, Oct 3, 2013.

  1. ryanolson72

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    I have an electric smoke hollow smoker and I need a new controller(electric plug in part that goes into the unit, to the wall)  My model is a Model 30168E.  I did find 1 place online that sells the part but they want a arm and a leg for it!  Does anyone have one off a old unit they would part with?  Or is there another "over the counter" plug that will fit the unit?

    Thanks for the help!
  2. I ck'ed out Appliance Factory Parts.  They want $149.99 for it.

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  3. ryanolson72

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    That is were I looked.  I can purchase a brand new smoker for $170, so didn't see the value in that!
  4. I hear ya.  It looks like my wife's elec skillet controller to me.
  5. ryanolson72

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    haha, I tried that already!  The prongs are too narrow on mine, too wide on the unit. I am sure this is some basic controller that could be purchased somewhere cheep, its just figuring it out!
  6. I'll bet you're right.  Why would they reinvent the wheel if they can source one from a vendor apply a markup and resell it.  No identifying numbers on it to do a search with?
  7. I read where one guy bought a replacement burner and control from an outside source and installed it. That's all I remember.
  8. ryanolson72

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    no numbers, just a dial and a plug in.  I may be sol!
  9. smokin phil

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  10. ryanolson72

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    $50 is closer, but it sure seems expensive even at that!  If that is the best that I can find, I will go that route, sure beats $150!
  11. Fifty bucks is Fifty bucks but seeing you get both the controller and the element for Fifty bucks it is not that bad. Just my way of thinking.  JTED

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