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  1. I have 3 lbs of deer meat all sliced up for jerky and I just got the #1 cure I know from reading on here that you use 1 tea spoon for 5 lbs of meat so how much for 3 lbs? 3/4 tea spoon?
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    that's about as close as you'll get with a spoon. go for it
  3. ok so 3/4 tea spoon?
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  5. Use level spoonfuls.

    If you have 1/2 and 1/8 measuring spoons, that's even closer to the correct amount.


    1/2 or (.50)+1/8 or (.125)=.625

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    Yeap you want 60% of that teaspoon and 3/4 tsp is 75%....real close, only about .0.8 grams over.
    If you can measure a third of a tsp, then 2 thirds would be closer, but either way you'll be good.
  7. ok thanks guys I got it all mixed up and soakin over night will star smoking after work tomorrow.

    do you think it be ok to soak in the marinade for 24 hrs?
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  9. I recently got a scale that reads in 0.01 gram increments for weighing cure as well as dried herbs and spices.
    Works great, much more accurate than my larger gram scale.


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    Diggy's scale is perfect for measuring cure and spices....

    Here is another outlet.... Raven's scales on ebay... I have bought 2 scales there.... good seller....  many sizes and types of scales to choose from .... this scale weighs almost 1/4 pound max.... perfect for spices and cure.....  The scale I bought was 600 grams max.. just over 1 lb....   I convert all measurements to grams to make things simple.... 

  11. Looks like they're identical, just different names. :smile:
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    You mean that scale weighs to 0.01 grams for under 20 bucks.   That's a great deal!   Everyone that uses cures should have one!
  13. Yep, hundredth of a gram.
    I paid $12 total, including the shipping.
  14. I just got one also .. it was like 12 bucks but I did also buy the calibration weights too so it was 18 together
  15. Thanks for the links to the scales...gonna order one for my cure, herbs etc!!! 
  16. Yes, the calibration weights are a good idea.
    I have two 50 g. calibration weights that I use use to calibrate that scale.

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  17. I've been meaning to get myself a nice digi scale for the kitchen, I guess this is one more reason. works great for "herbs" too [​IMG] For calibration I've used nickles before. Not sure if they're super accurate for smaller weights but they typically weigh 5 grams
  18. Just to clarify, the scale mentioned above is only good for measuring cure, salt, herbs/spices or anything else less than about 3 ounces.

    For a bigger kitchen scale, I have one of these.......


    Works great!


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