Help Me With Photos Please

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I have the same problem with my pictures so I started using photobucket.
You dont have to resize them with photobucket or any other image hosting website.
You can use and off site image host such as Photbucket or ImageShack or you can also use the Microsoft Powertoys Image resizer at ImageResizer.exe

Hope that helps
i use microsoft photoeditor to shrink my photos. it comes with office97. i don't know about later versions of office. i open the photo, click on "image" in the toolbar. click on "resize" and go to 95%*. save file and it is good to go.

*this is for my settings i have my camera set to. you might have to play with it some.
I found the photobucket to be the easiest way for me. just upload and it gives you little links to stick in the the box.the only way it could be easier is if they would have to come over and click the button for me.
I believe there is a sticky for the MS resizer somewhere at the begining of the forums section. Something like "how to post pictures"
Hello Sir, first let me say, I hope by the time November rolls around, there will be no need for you to go back to the big sand box! I sincerly thank you for your service! Second, I need someone to come and push the right button. I was able to upload photos to photobucket but I can't figure out how to get them over here? Can you go in depth a little more? Thanks, Terry
Ok, got the answer,(ain't tried it yet, but if Debi says it, I'd stake my life on it), go to Debi's new thread, I think it was, "Deb, help me?" or something like that. Dang, got a short memory. You will see it. Terry is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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