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    Hello, I just joined the site a couple days ago, but have been lurking for over two years.  In those two years I found a lot of good info on here, and tried many different things. All of it turned out great, so I just figured I would join the site.

    I am semi retired, so plenty of free time. I am from East Texas and live out in the country, so ugly BBQ pits are OK!  I am married to the greatest woman alive,( She is a tool nut "Buy the best one they have dear it will work better/last longer"[​IMG], and she makes all of our bread from scratch! God I love that woman) and have three wonderful kids. My oldest is getting married in October, the two youngest(twins) are turning two in October. Yeah we spread them out a bit....

    My wife and I throw a massive Christmas party every year. Which means I spend all day tending 1 turkey fryer, 2 BBQ pits, and 1 smoker. Thank goodness my daughters soon to be husband likes to help out! 

    I have a Brinkman electric smoke and grill,  1 Webber Kettle that I have had for going on two decades, 1 pit that I don't know who made it. My neighbor was going to toss it out, I grabbed it and with a little elbow grease turned it into a fine pit. Charcoal not gas. The aforementioned Turkey fryer, and a fish fryer. I also have one of those uniflame pits with the upper leveal and the side tables, got it as a gift used it awhile then parked it in the shed.

    I can weld, and work metal. I do remodeling projects all the time, everything from whole house (x2) to single rooms. So I am a pretty handy guy with tools.

    BBQ wise I have done, Butts, roasts, Turkeys, Tons of Hams, sausage, brisket, ribs, chicken, shoot if you can eat it I have probably grilled or Smoked it at one time or the other.

    I am about to turn an old electric oven into a smoker, set and forget. Right now I am thinking the Amazing looks like a good bet for smoke generation.  I have a propane tank I always toss around making a smoker out of, but honestly cutting into it makes me nervous.[​IMG] Most likely it will just keep sitting there. 

    Well that's all I can think of, besides this smoked sausage is calling my name. See ya on the boards!
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    Welcome to SMF its nice to have ya... Have fun and Happy smoking
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    Welcome Cooker

    You got two year old twins I don't think you have the time you say you have!

    Glad you posted up

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    Welcome Cooker!!!

    A lot of Great People Here !!!

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    welcome.......I would recommend Todd's AMNS if you go electric for sure......lots of really smart guys always willing to answer a question....[​IMG]
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    Welcome aboard!

    You already know you will fit right in here.

    As to the AMNS and AMNPS,  you have to get with that.  You will never find a better guy to deal with than Todd!

    Good luck and good smoking.
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    Thanks guys, glad to be here.
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    Welcome to the SMF. Glad to have you here. Lots of good folks, great recipes and knowledge. Looking forward to your first qview. [​IMG]
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    Hi Cooker, glad to have you with us

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    I lurked for years here too.  Welcome aboard.
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    [​IMG]    Glad to have you with us!
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    Thanks all trying out three Fatties on the smoker right now. Love the site, should have joined sooner!

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