Hello from Michigan.

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Thank you for your service. Welcome to the forums from Mississippi! Look forward to your post.
Now tell me about this MB conversion you did? I also have the MB gas smokehouse and thinking about converting it.

Jim, would love to send you pictures of the mods. Sold that smoker the day I posted this thread! One of my customers was tent camping and talking about he wanted to learn to smoke meat. Another one hooked on the hobby and life!
Basicly just pulled out the gas burner, valve, and entire assembly. Widened the door opening and reinforced the sheet metal with 3/4"X3/4" mild steel angle welded in place. new hinges and made a door for it. Welded a fire rack out of 1/4" rebar as I had half ton of it in the back yard.

Downside was light the charcoal/lump/wood in a charcoal chimney. Then had to put in in the smoker with a small garden trowel.... door so low to the ground that there was no way to pour hot coals into the cooker. Thought of raising it on longer welded on legs, but just never got around to it.
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Welcome from Colorado. That is quite a list of smokers. I’m sure you can still find a reason to get more. If not, just ask and the folks here are happy to provide reasons!
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