Hello from Calgary

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Thanks. Just out of curiosity—and because you are from Winnipeg—do you use yours in the winter? I’ve BBQ’d on my gas grill here as we get those lovely Chinooks in Calgary, but was wondering about smoking below 0 C. After tasting a whole chicken on the smoker, my mouth is already wondering about a turkey for Christmas?
Yes I smoke all winter long. BUT I'm set up in the garage so out of wind. Insulated but no heat. Never had a problem.
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But, why is all the rum gone? Pete drank it! :emoji_blush: Lol! Welcome from Iowa! Just watch out for all the enablers around here...we are pretty good at helping spend other's money on things they "need" ! You've come to a great place to learn and enjoy.

Cheers Ryan! (He says with an adult beverage in his hand, and some Beef Back Ribs fresh off the smoker)

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